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Successful first year for sales leads database

MegaLeads has blown way past their expectations after the first year on the market. Companies, sales professionals, and marketing agencies have been reaching out to the MegaLeads for all their data needs, and many have dropped their old sales lead providers. For the new year there has been a complete overhaul of the website complete with video tutorials and RSS syndication to keep up with company updates. On top of all the functionality and cosmetic changes the database has also been overhauled to provide faster results for sales data searches. This means that subscribers will gain access to their lead lists faster more effectively than ever before.

January has been a huge month for the team at MegaLeads with their launch of Mega Tracker caller id for webpages. This new SAAS solution allows companies to to place a tracking code on their web sites which captures the ip addresses of incoming visitors. This ip is then analyzed and returned as a company match with all employees and contacts found within the MegaLeads Databases. This revolutionary and breakthrough technology is creating a major buzz in the digital marketing arena and feedback from beta users has been astounding. This new solution will change the face of digital marketing and lead generation for years to come. Please check out the official Mega Tracker video below.

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Sales Leads Database Update

MegaLeads is excited to start the new year strong, and is giving back to their subscribers with a large database update. During the holiday season the team over at MegaLeads has remained hard at work preparing the massive update for the new year. Through their extensive data cleaning process they have removed all of the bad and inaccurate records from the database. This new update also brought new data which expanded the total record count by 10%. MegaLeads had been prepping for this large enhancement to their data pool for some time now, and the new year seemed like the best time to put it into place. All MegaLeads subscribers will reap the benefits of this new data, and many new exciting things will be coming from the MegaLeads team during the month of January.

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Lead Generation Technology Takes a Leap Forward

MegaLeads has signed up hundreds of customers within their first year since launch in January 2013, and they show no signs of slowing down. The company has recently announced that they have spent this past year not only refining their sales leads database and website, but creating a completely new product that will change the face of lead generation. The rumors of this new launch have been confirmed by CEO James Alamia, but the specifics of the project have not yet been released to the public. James Alamia states, “With this new project the entire terrain of digital lead generation will change. Our team is excited about our new project, and we are sure that this new technology will be a breakthrough in the internet marketing arena”. The company has set a release date of January 2014 for their new solution to go public, and more information will become available closer to launch.perbandingan smartphone

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Free Leads with Test Drive

MegaLeads offers a free test drive system for prospective subscribers who want to try out our revolutionary sales lead system. This test drive entitles users to do 5 free business searches for full record data. Searches can be refined by specified search criteria which is zip code oriented. That means that before even signing up for our service test drive users will get free sales leads. Everyone wants to try something before they purchase it? Right?  At MegaLeads we pride ourselves in the quality of data that we provide and we truly want our customers to succeed. Feel free to take a test drive at any time directly on our home page at


We would love to hear from you

Phone: 877-579-2489

Email: chaz

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US Sales Leads Database Grows

MegaLeads is proud to announce that they will be expanding their business database within the next few weeks. This major update will involve integration of fresh sales lead data as well as an extensive scrub and append to the data that is already in the database. On top of our monthly database update this one is special because of its sheer size and accuracy enhancements. The team is sure that this update will greatly improve the quality of our already successful wealth of data. MegaLeads has been working on perfecting this data in our test environment for some time now, and we are glad to finally add it to the live database. Our email lead lists have gone through an extensive cleaning process and only the ones that deliver successfully have remained on the MegaLeads platform. Any email addresses that were found to be failures have been removed, or appended with freshly acquired data. At MegaLeads we love to see our customers succeed as a result of our data, and we plan on making every enhancement possible in order to improve the process.

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Targeted Market Sales Leads System

MegaLeads does not only give you the richest data available, but it can be refined through search to dial in on target markets. All of the our sales leads database has been categorized by business type, state, and zip code so that only the most relevant data can be hand picked for a campaign. MegaLeads has recently added a new feature that allows data to be filtered by annual sales and employee size for better control. The MegaLeads system allows our clients to get in direct contact with executive  contacts at major companies and other employees within the same organization. This type of business to business sales leads have been gathered over the course of many years through a collaboration of different sources to ensure variety and relevancy. Our data cleaning procedures are always being perfected in order to ensure that our customers get the best value and quality of sales leads for their business. By taking advantage of the MegaLeads system and targeting features the chances for getting valuable business contacts are endless.

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Email Lead List Cleaning Process

At MegaLeads we offer a wide variety of email lead lists and email sales leads to our customers. We are constantly asked how we clean our data to ensure accuracy and deliver ability once a subscription is activated and a list is downloaded. This is not a secret that we wish to keep to ourselves so we would like to disclose some of our data hygiene procedures. As an email service provider we are constantly mailing lists from our database and checking to see which ones fail to deliver. As soon as an email address fails or receives a hard bounce we remove it from our database so that the sales leads our customers get will not have the same issues. We are constantly gaining new data and adding it to our database to ensure that our data is fresh and that we cover the largest audience possible. During new data integration we scan to see if our contacts have an outdated email address, and if they do we append the new information to the contact so that they will become live in our system again. Sales lead management is a strenuous process, but we have refined our cleaning process to ensure accuracy and value.

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Increase Email Deliverability with Email Leads

Megaleads provides rich email data that can be used for a plethora of different marketing campaigns. One of the major questions that has come from many subscribers to the system revolve around how to increase message delivery rates. While there is no definitive answer to this question there are some tricks that the Megaleads team has developed in order to ensure max email delivery. The first step to any successful email campaign is gathering the sales leads that target the audience that is going to be marketed to. After downloading this business or consumer sales lead file there must be a distribution vehicle for the mass email list. There are numerous sites that work great with mass email marketing after an email list has been obtained. These services allow for large files of email addresses to be uploaded and then prepped for email campaigns. They offer an HTML email creative system so that emails can look professional and tailored for impact as well. In order to keep deliver ability high it is crucial to avoid sending the same email creative to the same list more than once. If the same message is sent repeatedly it will set off spam filters and prevent messages from being delivered successfully. It is also important to focus on the subject line and content of email messages so that the receiving audience will have a greater probability of opening and engaging with the offer. Some other deliver ability tactics include:

  • Image to text ratio
  • Hosting and IP location (Over time IPs will age and stop delivering properly)
  • Using a reputable email sending service
  • Monitoring the amount of messages sent during a certain duration of time
  • Analyzing bounce backs
  • Avoiding over punctuation and use of capital letters

Email marketing is the marriage of art and science and must be taken seriously in order to get the highest return on invested time. There is no sure fire way to drive email conversions other than an extensive trial and error process. After some time is spent manipulating messages and sending to new targeted lists it will become clear what works well and what must be changed. At Megaleads we start you on the right foot with quality consumer and business sales leads. We want to see all of our customers succeed and if there are ever any questions our team is ready and willing to help at any time. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or give us a call to voice your concerns and learn more about email marketing!


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How do I get my data?

All data downloaded from Megaleads is delivered in a standard .csv format which can be opened using many programs. You can use a program like Excel to manage the information or upload the data to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. Every .csv file is organized and clean, making it easier than ever for you to see the information you need quickly and clearly.
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What if I have my OWN data that I want to update?

We understand that many members already have some business sales lists and prospects with missing email addresses. At Megaleads, we provide members with a turn-key email append service which will update name and postal data with active email addresses. This service is available for an additional cost.

Our Email Append service is one-of-a-kind. It’s extremely simple- just upload your database and watch in real time as our system plugs in the missing info. Call a Megaleads sales representative today to get access to this feature.

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