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How Creative Content Marketing Took Over the World

How Creative Content Marketing Took Over the World The key to mastering creative content marketing is to understand it. Learn what makes the strategy tick and how it became the industry standard. If you own or operate a business, it is very likely that you’ve been hearing a lot about content marketing over the last […]

5 Powerful B2B Leads Tracking Methods

5 Powerful B2B Leads Tracking Methods Generating quality leads is one thing. But it’s all about improving that conversion rate. To track your B2B leads, here are 5 powerful methods you need. What are your leads really costing you? You spent thousands of dollars on a massive marketing campaign this quarter. In addition, you engage […]

Perfecting the Call, The Writing On The Call Center Wall

The Benefits of Investing In Call Center Services If you’re serious about taking you digital marketing efforts to the next level, you need to invest in good call center services. Read on to learn why. Businesses want to grow. For example, they see the benefits of digital marketing everywhere and pursue the proven ways to […]

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: 7 Things to Know

Weighing Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing In the world of marketing, not all types are the same. We’re weighing traditional marketing vs digital marketing in this post. The traditional marketing vs digital marketing debate never ends. Many marketers fall into whichever camp they have the most experience and skill. Business leaders often lean toward the […]

Why Marketing Consultants Wear Bullseyes

Why Marketing Consultants Wear Bullseyes Important Marketing Skills for Gaining Business Leads Without proper marketing strategies, businesses can fail. We’re sharing the important marketing skills you need to gain new business leads here! Are you feeling the heat? For today’s marketing professionals the business world can be brutal. While marketing tools, technology, and strategies have […]

How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey and Only 5% of Business Executives Can Call Them Out on It

How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey Are you trying to sort through the field of online marketing? You’re not the only one as 80% of marketers are full of malarkey and even their bosses don’t know. It is hard to find an honest marketer. Most of them are full of malarkey and […]

Solidifying Your Brand’s Success with Loyal Customers: Shared Values

A very often overlooked part of generating sales leads is customer retention, or how likely those leads will stick and return for more business. This is what makes quality leads, and should be the main focus of any marketing. Loyal customers are the backbone of any business, as they will stick with you during the roughest of […]

Tips for gaining sales leads through effective blogging.

Having a means to communicate with current and potential customers is very important to maintaining any kind of relationship with them. There are of course many means, such as twitter, email, press releases, and blogs. All these different means have unique advantages and disadvantages and therefore they should all be utilized to some extent depending […]

Megaleads Real-Time Verification enhances our business email lists.

We here at Megaleads have recently introduced a new technology we call Real-Time Email Verification, or “REV” for short, into our system. This technology revolutionizes the way in which you get business data by verifying email data requests in real-time to enhance our business email lists. The verification process removes emails that are dirty or […]

SEO Strategies for Gaining Sales Leads

If your business heavily relies on internet sales and traffic, then developing and investing in SEO strategies is a must for gaining sales leads. Search engine optimization or SEO, is all about getting your website ranked high on the various search engines out there. Which means having your website be on the first couple of pages […]

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