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Marketing Automation – Are you serious?

The latest and greatest buzz is marketing automation.  Can marketing automation work for your business?

Having managed hundreds of marketing campaigns I can tell you that marketing automation should be part of your marketing and digital goals for the future but for now you should focus on actually generating leads from your website CONSISTENTLY.

Seriously, how can you automate something that is not proven to produce?  Or how can you automate something that has sporadic and inconsistent results? You just can’t.  You need to spend the time and put together a conversion funnel and test in measurable and manageable pieces.

How do you think great computer systems are built?  They are built by knowing what you want and testing.

Focus on understanding what your value proposition is and how are you going to put together a process in which you are nurturing the prospect in an electronic / digital experience.

You have to create something that is so compelling that prospects want to complete your form to ascertain the free trial, white paper or other powerful value proposition.  Once you have their email, then you can focus on nurturing the prospects with a series of drip emails that they receive.

As you grow out your conversion funnel and understand the drip emails that are working well you will have prospects replying to your emails and you are building a pipeline.

Your conversion funnel and subsequent email messaging will nurture the prospects.  You didn’t even know it but you are generating leads and an experience where prospects are getting to know you.

Later on you can tie in lead scoring and enhancements to the conversion funnel / model and work upon experience in measurable and manageable pieces.

Your conversion funnel and nurturing process is really a well thought out series of questions and answers using various digital marketing techniques that are all in line with your overall strategy and value proposition.

Learn to generate leads for your business, and then automate it.


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Creating New Markets

When I was younger I never really saw the value of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I always thought that the ideas and innovation came from the large enterprise companies. I’ve learned that this is true some of the time, but most of the time it is the entrepreneur that will fight through to develop products and services that create new markets.

Most large companies are not good with product development, they get stuck within their own politics, scope creep and poor planning. They can execute some customer requirements but miss the boat on innovation, global strategy and rapid application development.

The entrepreneur will lock-in on a vision and put the pieces of the puzzle together on a fraction of the budget. Creating a disturbance and bringing new ideas together with superior marketing will bring our future into a specialized, electronic, database-driven environment. Business products and services will be integrated and layered together while creating new markets. New markets and innovation breed  wealth.

Check our our introduction video to our series “Make Marketing Work”.

This link is only for the Gurus.

– MegaLeads Founder Jimmy Alamia

Internet Marketer’s Guide To Good vs Bad Clients

As the busy holiday season is nearing MegaLeads is continuing to gear up their customers with fresh internet marketing tactics and useful content. Recently an interesting infographic has been circulating through the company email chain, and we thought it would be great to share with our upcoming our subscribers. Internet marketers come across a wide variety of different clients with different personality types.  This being said it is important to find the clients that will work most closely alongside your business team in order to maximize both time and efficiency. If you enjoy this info graphic be sure to visit the authors page located below.


Internet Marketer's Guide To Good vs Bad Clients

November 10, 2014 | By David Wallace


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41% of Marketers Plan to Invest in Demand Generation

MegaLeads team of marketing specialists like to keep up to date on the latest marketing trends and tactics.With so many changes in the lead generation space it may be hard for some people to fuel their conversion funnels in the right direction without guidance. We have done some leg work for our subscribers and located a fantastic report that breaks down current terrain for B2B demand generation. This article by Software Advice, a marketing software review and comparison firm, discusses how marketers can maximize their demand generation efforts with tactics that bring in a large number of high quality leads. Please take some time to review the useful material that is located in this comprehensive guide and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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MegaLeads Prepares for Upcoming Web Series – Learn How to Make Marketing Work

With years of experience in the data and marketing industry MegaLeads has begun to prepare educational videos and materials that divulge everything our team has learned. We are excited to share this knowledge with the general public and it is our hopes that this information will help propel businesses in the right direction. Since we have worked with some of the top marketing companies across the U.S. our knowledge base has grown substantially, and through testing we have been able to deduce tactics that really show results. It is with high hopes that with our new educational initiative MegaLeads will become a reliable source for marketers to gain information about how to enhance conversion for their projects.

Our new media suite will include targeted webinars, videos, and other informational materials that can be used to perfect the conversion and marketing process. The team is excited to put a face and voice behind the company that has been driving success for clients in many different industries. Keep up to date with MegaLeads through our blog and keep an eye out for our new content in the near future.


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Sales lead nurturing – Are you doing it right?

MegaLeads has been operating in the sales leads and data space for some time now and we always get questions about conversion and lead nurturing. Our team works closely and we exercise the data found in the MegaLeads system just as any customer on our platform would. We spend time calling on prospects and pushing for the close just as any other salesman or marketing team wishes to. To no surprise there is usually never a close on the first interaction with a contact or prospect. After some time struggling to make the “one phone call close” it became clear that we needed to use a new tactic as it pertained to exercising our large database of sales leads.

The answer to our question that guided our new strategy can be summed up in 3 words, sales lead nurturing. The days of an over the phone close or direct landing page conversion are over, and the new model that must be adopted by anyone in sales should be sales lead nurturing. At MegaLeads we have started to structure our sales funnel with lead nurturing in mind. Please take a look at the key points we have chosen below.


1) Introduction should not push close, but create an introduction and time for follow up

2) All prospects should be loaded into a CRM program and properly tagged


4) Create urgency that pushes the prospect to the close

5) Educate prospects and provide them with useful information about your services and the marketplace you belong to

6) Provide a special deal or promotional code that makes the prospect feel like they are getting a personalized deal


Lead nurturing can be tackled from a variety of different ways, but the tactics we have stated above have proven to work wonders for our sales team thus far. Remember nobody likes to be told what to do or forced into a sale. Let the prospect feel as though they want to use your company due solely to their own choice after weighing all possible options. Sales should be an ongoing process that operates on a per client basis with a standardized structure. Implement some of the key strategies above and it is guaranteed that your sales team will increase conversions and close more deals.


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MegaLeads Heats Up Customer Service For Summer Season

Megaleads has been growing since their initial launch in January of 2012. With so many new customers flooding the system the team has decided to enhance their customer service sector. These enhancements include a larger staff receiving calls and a back-end training program that teaches our staff how to handle any request that a customer can throw at them. Megaleads is excited about their customer service enhancements, and the team is now confident that we can continue to provide quality service on every call that we receive. If you are not yet a customer rest assured that Megaleads is here to help your business grow with high quality and clean sales leads through a system that cannot be replicated by our competitors.

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MegaLeads Embraces infusion-4 Lead Generation Company

MegaLeads has been working closely with infusion-4 in the technology and lead generation field for over a year now. Their specialized team has created many high caliber marketing automation and sales tools that are helping businesses get the most out of their online marketing endeavors. In particular Mark Valles has proven to be an essential consulting asset to the MegaLeads team, and he has provided feedback that helped to shape our system overall. With infusion-4 and MegaLeads working together the digital arena has a new force to be reckoned with as it pertains to lead generation.

To learn more about what infusion-4 has to offer check out their proprietary site, and reach out to one of the most talented companies in the lead generation industry.

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Sales Lead Lists Business Update

MegaLeads has recently taken time to pragmatically add new businesses to their massive databases. This procedure has made our email lead lists more robust than ever while increasing the inventory of new businesses that have entered the marketplace within the past year. Through active email campaigns and partnerships with numerous call centers our new data has been put to the test and only verified records make it into the live databases. Our team is constantly hard at work to provide the best service in the sales leads industry without the need to increase pricing for customers. Due to our experience and knowledge of  the data cleansing process we are sure that the solution we provide to business cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

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B2B Buyer Behavior and Conversion

Did you know that you are 30% more likely to close a deal if the prospect is called within 6 seconds of an inquiry, and this falls to 12% after the first minute. Depending upon the type of lead it is important to reach out with a speedy phone call on studies leads are less likely to close with each passing second.

Key Takeaways:

If your business relies heavily on Web-generated leads, invest in technology and processes that allow you to call buyers as fast as possible. Ideally, you should be able to place your first call to a buyer that requests a phone call within 60 full film Raw

However, not all buyers deserve an immediate call. If a buyer completes a form to contact you directly—requesting a price quote, product demo, or a simple request for more information—then you should call right away. If, on the other hand, a buyer contacts you indirectly—by completing a form to download a whitepaper, access video content, or view other gated material—then you should nurture, rather than call, the lead.

Gain insights from professionals and get the best software advice over at

This is just a taste of the information that can be gathered when reading the B2B Buyer Behavior – Web & Phone Channels IndustryView | 2013 located over at The team at MegaLeads finds this article to be informative and directly beneficial to the works that we produce and refine within our own operations. The sales lead business is predicated on digital content and lead nurturing in order to give customers the biggest bang for their buck. This article is something we hope our users can learn from and use to take their business endeavors to the next level. 


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