Apollo.io Chrome Extension and the Megaleads Alternative

Business prospecting tools are getting more intelligent – but are they always helpful? Chrome extensions have become the new go-to thing for lead generation platforms. If you clicked on this article, you want to explore the potential of the Apollo extension.

This free Google Chrome extension is a major selling point for the platform, allowing you to find and utilize professional contact information while browsing platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

While it might seem like an email tracker extension for Chrome is an easy way to grow your databases, it’s not as shiny as it might appear. Lead generation platforms can generate the same information with hundreds of more contact details in just seconds. All without the stress of installing Google Chrome extensions or being stuck using one browser.

We’re sharing everything you need to know before making your Apollo Chrome extension download and why Megaleads offers a fuss-free alternative.

Save time: Give your sales and marketing team the information they need in just seconds with Megaleads. Don’t restrict your team to using Google Chrome and avoid the hassle of having to download the Apollo extension.

Try Megaleads for free today, or book a free consultation with a sales list specialist. Our low-cost email lists offer a 95% data accuracy guarantee and are CRM-ready, helping you build a profitable B2B database.

What is Apollo.io?

Apollo.io is a cloud-based sales automation tool used for lead generation, email outreach, and database management. It’s comparable to other platforms like ZoomInfo and Clearbit.

Apollo’s pricing model is priced per user per month with several credits-based packages available. Although an independent survey raised concerns about the quality of its data, Apollo remains a popular tool for lead intelligence. Launched in 2015, Apollo works with almost 9,000 customers and primarily focuses on global enterprises.

The Apollo AI extension reflects the fact that the platform is AI-powered. This end-to-end sales platform claims to have a database of 73 million companies and 275 million contacts. It is GDPR compliant and focuses on sales engagement, workflow, deal management, and contact search. The diversity of this platform is one of the reasons why the Apollo email finder Chrome extension exists.

Apollo IO Extension

What is the Apollo Extension for Chrome?

The Apollo scraper extension is one of its most talked about features. It can be easily integrated into other platforms and is considered one of the most important tools for users of the software. However, how useful is it?

While the Apollo LinkedIn extension can be incorporated as part of your workflow, it doesn’t generate leads and contract information the same way platforms like Megaleads can.

Instead, the Apollo io extension simply integrates the sales and prospecting functionality into applications you’re already running. HubSpot, Gmail, LinkedIn, and company websites can be searched by these Google extensions to check for contact information.

These Google Chrome extensions are no different than if you were to download from LinkedIn directly. It automates the process of verifying contact information using someone’s LinkedIn profile and aids with your workflow by setting up follow-up reminders and tracking emails. It’s more accurate to think of this email tracker tension for Chrome as something to automate your workflow, rather than to help you build a leads database.

While you can use this LinkedIn email finder extension to centralize your workflow and enhance productivity, it’s not going to be suitable for every employee. You’ll be restricted to using one browser to utilize the Google extension, and you’ll need to manually add the extension to your browser. Additionally, you’ll have to ensure its fully configured to each platform you want to use it on.

How to Use the Apollo Chrome Extension

The main selling point of the Apollo.io extension is its usability with popular platforms, such as Gmail and as a HubSpot extension. After any Google Chrome extensions download, you experience a few hiccups. It can take some trial and error following your Apollo extension download to get it to fully work on each platform.


You can use the Chrome extension as what’s essentially the Apollo email finder. Like other Chrome extensions, it tracks individual emails, offers email templates, and nudges you to send follow-ups. Moreover, it offers many of the same features that are already integrated into the Gmail platform. It’s best to consider this Chrome extension as being designed to improve your workflow, rather than to aid with lead generation.

Google Calendar

The Apollo extension also integrates with Google Calendar, serving a similar purpose as above. It helps tailor interactions and is designed primarily for sales professionals as a time management tool. Overall, the Apollo scraper extension is no different than the notes you would normally prepare when engaging with new prospects.


Get your HubSpot sign in at the ready. You can access the contact profiles from Apollo directly within your HubSpot account. It allows you to easily initiate outreach campaigns with identified targets, streamlining your integration between HubSpot and Apollo with this Chrome add-on. If you don’t already use HubSpot, this Chrome extension might not be as useful for you.


The Apollo extension for Chrome also integrates with Salesforce, allowing you to access Apollo’s contact profiles from directly within Salesforce. Integration between Apollo and Salesforce ensures you have the most up-to-date and accurate information to work with. Like the other platforms above, this Chrome extension enhances your workflow by allowing you to create tasks, assign calls, and utilize Apollo’s web dialer through Salesforce.

How to Add Apollo Extension to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, with over 1 billion users from more than 200 countries and regions. Although LinkedIn can give you access to professional email addresses, it can be time-consuming, with no guarantee of a positive result.

The focus of the Apollo extension is its effective use as a LinkedIn Chrome extension. It allows you to access verified contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, from LinkedIn profiles and company pages. It saves from manually searching for these. However, it’s not comparable to using a lead generation tool to gather hundreds of email addresses and phone numbers in just seconds.

This LinkedIn email finder extension allows you to track prospects and update contact information and job titles.

Apollo IO Chrome Extension

Installing Apollo as a LinkedIn Chrome Extension

The Apollo LinkedIn extension is a tool you can only use when browsing with Google Chrome. If you prefer to use a mobile device or another browser like Firefox or Safari, you won’t be able to utilize this extension. Installing the Apollo AI extension requires you to have access to the Chrome Web store.

We’re sharing a step-by-step guide on how to download the Apollo Chrome extension to help automate your workflow.

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the Apollo Chrome Extension.
  2. Select ‘Add to Chrome’ on the relevant extension page. Follow up by selecting ‘add extension’ when the popup window appears to confirm and install the Apollo email finder extension.
  3. You’ll be prompted to log in and enter the account email address and password associated with your Apollo account. Alternatively, you can select a single sign-in option if you have this already operating.

Here are a couple of things to consider when installing the Apollo.io extension. It essentially works as an automation tool to enhance your workflow, working directly within platforms like Gmail, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. You’ll need to install and configure the Google extension with each platform, which can be time-consuming if you have an extensive network.

Megaleads is the Best Apollo Alternative

If you’re focusing on lead generation, the Apollo extension for Chrome isn’t going to get you there. It’s more accurate to think of it as a work automation tool. If you need help with your workflow, go to Apollo. If you want lead generation, go to Megaleads.

Megaleads is the leading platform for accessing high-quality B2B phone numbers email addresses, and company information. The platform is used by sales professionals and marketers as the most affordable way to build a sales database with verified information and fresh leads added weekly.

The latest Megaleads 2.0 update has enhanced the platform with a focus on accuracy, compliance, and data hygiene. Our low-cost email lists offer a 95% data accuracy guarantee and are CRM-ready, helping you build a profitable B2B database. Megaleads goes beyond just phone numbers and email addresses. Our database includes crucial company insights to enhance your sales strategy, including employee size, annual sales, and company addresses.

We work with sales professionals and marketers across multiple industries, from lawyers to mortgage leads. For example, our mortgage lead generation includes crucial information such as property value, interest rates, credit ratings, and loan amounts. Our mortgage lead data is verified and enables you to define your search by state or zip code. These features aren’t available with a Google extension.

Megaleads has been featured in several publications for our lead generation, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, and MarketWatch. Get extensive sales lists within just seconds and create a high-quality B2B database with the help of Megaleads.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with a Megaleads business sales list specialist today.

Megaleads Pricing | An Affordable Alternative to Apollo.io

You can get started with lead generation using our free trial. At Megaleads, we strive to offer the most affordable way to grow your B2B database without the hassle of a Chrome extension. Within just a few clicks, you’ll have the contact and company information you need to grow relationships. All without the worry of installing a web Chrome extension or navigating an email tracker extension for Chrome.

Megaleads pricing starts from just $59 per month with unlimited business searches and 1,000 credits added each month. Our subscription programs are offered on a monthly rolling basis, giving you the flexibility to cancel anytime.

If you have a larger organization, choose between our gold pan at $169 per month with 5,000 monthly credits or our platinum plan at $279 per month with 10,000 monthly credits. Unlike Chrome add-ons like the Apollo io extension, any unused credits will roll over the following month of your active Megaleads account. That means you’ll get to use every credit on your account to maximize the ROI on your lead generation investment.

Megaleads Pricing

What Makes Megaleads Different from the Apollo Extension

Megaleads has been a leader in B2B sales and email leads since 1999. Our data is gathered from verifiable sources, including third-party offers, event marketing, behavioral data, and marketing offers. We integrate proprietary enrichment sources to ensure you get the best and most relevant data for your business.

We strive to deliver data in real time with the most affordable pricing in the industry. Our platform is easy to use with fair, transparent pricing, and a credits structure. Our database is updated weekly with new business lead data with a production update to our system monthly. You can download your lead list data within just seconds. Faster than the time it takes to install the Apollo Chrome extension.

Get all the information you need, from names to addresses, SIS codes, employee numbers, company descriptions, annual sales, and much more. Business data files are produced in a CSV format to allow you to easily integrate them into your third-party software services.

That’s way more information and functionality than what you’ll get with an Apollo LinkedIn extension. While an Apollo email finder Chrome extension might seem straightforward, its limitations mean it’s not the most effective way to build your b2B database. Alternatively, you can get the same information – and more – without the hassle by using Megaleads. Within just a few clicks, you’ll have the information to start making sales calls and building relationships.

Try Megaleads, the Best Alternative to Google Extensions

Megaleads is the most affordable alternative to Apollo and other platforms with a Chrome extension. Avoid the hassle of navigating Chrome extensions designed for work automation and instead access your lead data in just seconds. Megaleads 2.0 is affordable and transparent with its data, giving your company the lead generation tools it needs to drive growth with high-quality data.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with a Megaleads lead generation specialist, or try our free B2B leads trial program.

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