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Top 10 Mortgage Leads Companies in 2024

One of the biggest challenges loan officers face is generating mortgage leads. They need enough leads to keep customers moving through every stage of the sales funnel. The days of relying on word-of-mouth referrals or relationships with real estate agents are over. Mortgage brokers can buy mortgage leads to connect them with target customers and boost ROI.

If you’re in sales or a broker taking the first steps into lead generation, this guide is for you. We cover everything you need to know about buying refinance leads with the top 10 mortgage lead companies.

If you need mortgage leads, then Contact Megaleads, we’re committed to supporting loan officers and brokers in maximizing their profits through lead generation. Our affordable lead generation tools offer invaluable insights into property valuation and credit scores with accurate contact information. Subsequently, having the right residential mortgage leads is crucial to supporting your sales funnel and growing your business.

The real estate landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. The average age for first-time buyers is continuing to increase as rising real estate prices are impacting when professionals can get on the housing ladder. It’s not the only problem facing mortgage brokers.

Prospective borrowers and property owners don’t know what they’re looking for from a lender and most lack knowledge of how mortgage lending works. Therefore, it is harder for mortgage brokers to stand out and promote their specific offerings.

That’s where mortgage lead generation comes in. It’s a more reliable alternative to traditional cold calling, as it gives you a snapshot of the lead’s current circumstances, allowing you to tailor your offering.

When you buy leads through Megaleads, you’ll get information about the person’s credit rating, property value, and current interest rate. You can choose between shared and exclusive mortgage leads to suit your budget. In addition, all of Megaleads’ purchase and refinance leads are verified for accuracy.

You can immediately start implementing your marketing strategy with the assurance that your leads are accurate and up to date. Megaleads runs its own in-house marketing on some of the top financial websites, making it one of the leading mortgage lead generators.

Most brokers and sales professionals don’t have the time to gather their leads. Your time is money, and choosing to buy mortgage leads is an investment in your business.

Enter mortgage lead companies. These organizations streamline your marketing by offering verified mortgage leads for sales. Comparatively, in-house lead generation can be expensive and requires dedicated individuals in your team. Buying leads is a more affordable and efficient alternative, whether you’re cold-calling customers or building your digital presence.

Mortgage lead generation companies will provide tailored leads for your target demographic, maximizing your ROI and boosting your profits.  Moreover, the best lead generators are constantly evolving, using data-driven insights to capture new leads daily and weekly to keep you ahead of the competition.

You can buy leads to feed into your marketing strategy for audience segmentation and website optimization. The best mortgage lead generators will give you the tools to access targeted leads; whether you’re looking for residential mortgage leads or refinance leads, you want to work with a solid company.

Now that you know how to get mortgage leads, it’s time to start investing in your brokerage or sales.  Below is our guide on where to buy mortgage leads. We’ve rounded up the top 10 mortgage lead companies, comparing their features to help you find the leads that suit your business goals.

How to Get Mortgage Leads with

You can buy mortgage leads through Megaleads, the number one company for refinance leads.

Megaleads is the leading platform for accessing high-quality leads across multiple industries, including real estate. It’s used and trusted by marketers and sales professionals as an affordable lead-generation tool. The latest Megaleads 2.0 update has created a reliable refinance leads database, prioritizing accuracy, compliance, and data hygiene.

When you buy mortgage leads through Megaleads, you’re covered by our 95% data accuracy guarantee for added peace of mind. Our leads are CRM-ready, enabling you to build your database and optimize your marketing strategy.

Our low-cost email lists offer a 95% data accuracy guarantee and are CRM-ready, helping you build a profitable B2B database. For instance, you’ll receive information including phone numbers, email addresses, property values, loan amounts, interest rates, and credit ratings for each lead. Megaleads’ data is verified for accuracy, allowing you to define your target demographic by zip code or state.

You can choose mortgage leads generated within the last week. The most affordable purchase and refinance web leads are between 31 and 180 days old. Megaleads has been featured on Forbes, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best lead generators.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with a Megaleads refinance leads generation specialist today.

Loanbright was founded by loan officers and has specialized in lead generation for two decades. This company operates differently from other lead generation companies as it doesn’t provide you with an instant list. Instead, brokers receive a license and log in to access their system and select the most suitable mortgage leads.

Customers pay for Loanbright on a monthly subscription basis, without a long-term commitment. However, unlike Megaleads, sales professionals will have to continue to pay to receive access to the license.  

If you’re a mortgage broker with a larger budget, you can sign up for Loanbright’s ‘Season Pass’ subscription for qualified leads from mortgage lenders. Another mortgage lead generation option offered by Loanbright is its ‘Hometown Lending Program’. It allows mortgage loan officers to select leads searching for a local mortgage provider. While these mortgage leads sound attractive, they require more time and investment to access.

Lending Tree was launched in 1996 with a focus on providing local mortgage leads throughout North Carolina. It captures potential mortgage leads by using rate comparison tools. Consumers use the tool to compare potential loan providers by answering a series of questions to narrow their search results.

Essentially, this comparison tool results in qualified leads. You’ll be contacting consumers actively looking for new loans or mortgage refinancing. However, the cost of buying mortgage leads through Lending Tree is higher. You can expect to pay up to $100 per lead, while Megaleads give you leads for as little as $2.

Another thing to consider is that Lending Tree’s leads are not exclusive. While Megaleads offers shared and exclusive leads, Lending Tree shares its mortgage leads with multiple vendors.

ProspectNow is a mortgage lead generation tool and part of Buildout, a CRE deal-making platform. Unlike the companies above, ProspectNow is a property intelligence software. It leverages predictive analytics and trends to identify potential property owners likely to refinance or sell their homes within the coming months.

While this data is helpful for your marketing strategy, it sits at a specific stage of the sales funnel. It’s ideal for brokers searching for mortgage leads at the start of the funnel when they’re focusing on brand awareness and outreach. ProspectNow is ideal for buying mortgage leads to establishing early connections.

ProspectNow’s main drawback is that it doesn’t offer nurturing tools, limiting its use beyond the initial outreach stage.

Kaleidico is a company to consider when you want to learn how to find mortgage leads. It was launched in 2005 and designed for smaller mortgage lenders with a pay-per-performance model. Unlike other mortgage lead generation companies, you’ll only pay for lead generation results that perform. However, you can expect to pay a higher cost-per-lead than you would with other companies, such as Megaleads.

Kaleidico works by using consumer-direct websites to generate organic leads. These websites are customized with your company’s branding, using tools like mortgage calculators, calls-to-action, and product landing pages. Kaleidico designs these websites to perform on search engines to maximize conversions and generate refinance leads. The company also offers email marketing services to nurture leads that don’t initially convert.

If you want to buy leads and don’t have a website, Kaleidico might be a suitable option. However, if you already have a website and want to expand your digital marketing strategy, Megaleads are the most affordable way to buy mortgage leads.

Bankrate began as ‘Bank Rate Monitor’ and evolved into a platform that publishes educational resources and content on all aspects of finance. It offers another way to buy mortgage leads by allowing your company to appear on their mortgage rate comparison table.

In short, these interactive tables require consumers to complete a questionnaire to receive tailored mortgage offers from lenders. Paying to be part of this program allows your offers to feature on these comparison tables. This type of lead generation is considered the most expensive. You can expect to pay upwards of $250 per lead when you buy lead lists through comparison tables.

These mortgage leads are only suitable for larger brokerages who can afford to spend at least $30,000 on lead generation monthly.

LeadPops is another mortgage lead generation software, like Kaleidico. It’s ideal for brokers who have the time to invest in creating lead capture forms and website pages using LeadPops’ templates. While these templates are already optimized, you can customize them by adding your branding.

This mortgage lead generation tool is designed to be integrated with automated marketing tools, such as email campaigns. If you’re an independent loan officer or broker, or a smaller agency, you might not have the facilities for this type of lead engagement.

It’s impossible to overlook the power of social media when investing in mortgage leads. Good Vibe Squad uses exclusively Facebook ads for lead generation. It targets independent loan officers and mortgage lenders.

You’ll get access to Good Vibe Squad’s CRM with individual customer profiles, including information on the individual’s income and credit lines. Moreover, the platform utilizes automated messaging to qualify leads to streamline your outreach. Good Vibe Squad will sync your leads into your calendar and send automated marketing messages.

Mortgage Growth System offers end-to-end refinance lead generation. It’s comparable to other loan lead generators above that offer landing pages and CRM systems. You’ll lose a degree of control over your marketing campaign and the personal touch of speaking directly to your potential lead. However, it does offer several features worth exploring before you buy leads.

This mortgage lead generation tool directs leads to a landing page with a 10 to 15-question survey. It allows loan officers and lenders to set their target demographics, including credit scores, to qualify leads. Additionally, Mortgage Growth System offers direct-to-consumer marketing for Meta platforms using digital advertising.

Growth System is best suited to larger brokerages that want to outsource their lead generation. The company offers a ‘Done for You’ program in which its in-house team manages the entire lead generation process. Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Done with You’ program as a more affordable option.

Real Estate Bees (REB) is a free platform for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and investors. Its lead generation marketplace allows users to sell and buy mortgage leads for different sales funnel stages. Loan officers can define their searches and filter leads by budget and location.

Similarly to other platforms on this list, REB offers exclusive and shared leads, depending on your budget.

Megaleads are the most affordable way to buy mortgage leads. Its commitment to data accuracy and verification processes provides sales professionals, loan officers, and brokers with high-quality leads. Supercharge your growth with detailed residential mortgage leads that include information on credit scores, property value, and interest rates.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with a Megaleads lead generation specialist to buy high-quality mortgage leads.

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