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As a mortgage broker or loan officer, you help people get the financing they need to make their home-buying dreams come true, and we are here to facilitate that process. At Megaleads Mortgage Leads, we connect our clients with qualified candidates who are currently in the process of searching for home loans and refinancing options.

This makes it easier for you to convert these leads into revenue and help more people secure financing for their new homes. If you are ready to connect with exclusive mortgage and refinance leads, order your leads online today or contact us with any questions.

Where to buy mortgage leads

What Is a Mortgage Lead?

When you buy a mortgage lead you are purchasing the contact information for someone who has expressed interest in securing a mortgage or in refinancing a current home. These leads are then screened for quality to ensure that these individuals are a good fit for securing a mortgage. When you purchase mortgage leads, you will receive your lead's name and contact information as well as other information, such as what type of loan they are searching for and how much they are hoping to get approved for. You will also find out whether they are active military.

Why Buy Mortgage Leads?

If you are a lender or mortgage broker, you know how challenging it can be to connect with active homebuyers or people interested in refinancing their homes. Buying mortgage leads can help you streamline that process so you can spend less time finding clients and more time helping them. Continue reading to learn more about all the advantages of buying mortgage leads.

Reach Target Home Buyers and Homeowners

Our mortgage leads allow you to reach target homebuyers and homeowners who have already expressed interest in securing financing. This makes it much easier to close the deal.

Fuel Your Call Center and Marketing Machine

Mortgage leads can also help you power your marketing machine. When you have a list of quality candidates, it makes it much easier for your marketing team to convert leads into clients.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Aged Mortgage Lead

Aged mortgage leads are an excellent alternative to fresh leads. These leads allow you to target quality candidates your competitors failed to convert and are more affordable

What to Know Before Purchasing Mortgage Leads

When buying leads, it is essential to choose a company with a reputation for getting results. You want to also make sure that you are only purchasing exclusive qualified leads from genuine people and that you can narrow down your leads based on your lending criteria. You will also want to compare rates to ensure you get a good deal. Finally, you want to choose a company with superior customer service.

Types of Mortgage Leads

When it comes to mortgage leads, there are many different types to choose from. Each has distinct advantages and allows you to target a wide range of qualified candidates. Learn more about all the mortgage leads we offer.

Aged Mortgage & Refinance Mortgage Leads

Aged mortgage leads and aged refinance leads are leads that are older than one to three months old. Another lender may have already used them, or they may have been purchased and never been used. They are affordable and allow you to retarget potential home buyers that were previously in the research stage.

First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage Leads

First-time home buyer mortgage leads are an excellent choice for any lender as these buyers are often highly motivated and ready to close. They may also have more flexibility in terms of financing as they don't have a mortgage on another property.

Renters Looking to Purchase a Home

Renters interested in purchasing a home can make excellent mortgage leads as they are already making substantial monthly rental payments and are often required to have a credit check before signing a lease.

Candidates for Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are an excellent solution for many older adults looking to access their home's existing equity. Reverse mortgage leads allow you to tap into this market.

Home Loan Leads for Military Applicants

More brokers and lenders are turning to home loan leads for military applicants. Military applicants are often an excellent source of mortgage leads as they often need to secure a loan quickly. This makes them easier to convert

Mortgage Inquiry Trigger Solutions

In addition to providing high-quality mortgage leads, we can also help narrow down your mortgage leads by accessing information from credit bureaus. Mortgage inquiry trigger solutions allow you to identify and pursue candidates that are likely to get approved based on their credit score or location. This can make all your marketing efforts drastically more effective and improve your return on investment.

High-Intent Exclusive Mortgage Lead Solutions

These are our most exclusive leads. Our high-intent mortgage lead solutions represent prescreened buyers ready to buy a new home. We'll collaborate with you to identify the best mortgage leads for your needs.

Sample Mortgage Lead Record

First Name James
Last Name Alamia
Street Address 759 Bloomfield Ave
State NJ
City Caldwell
Zip 07006
Work Phone 201-555-1212
Home Phone 201-555-1212
Email Address
House Type Single Family
House Value 420,000
Loan Amount 220,000
First Mortage 200,000
Do you currently have an FHA loan No
Credit Status Excellent
Desired Loan Type Purchase
Active Military No
  • Detailed fields of mortgage lead lists may vary. All data files are delivered in a .CSV file format and can be easily opened in Excel or any other 3rd party program.

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At Megaleads Mortgage Leads, we are proud to be one of the top mortgage lead generation companies in the industry with years of experience. We'll help you generate mortgage leads in less than fifteen minutes so you can get started right away. We offer only verified and exclusive telemarketing leads, giving you an advantage over your competition. We can even help you access credit bureau leads, allowing you to prescreen your leads, so you don't waste time connecting with potential clients who aren't likely to get approved.

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