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MegaLeads Video Demos

Real-Time Email Verification (REV) Technology. Take Your Business Into The Future - New Economy.

Real-Time Email Verification (REV) Technology (Video 3 minutes & 14 seconds)

Tired of purchasing prospect email lists that bounce? Megaleads has solved a very big problem by verifying business email leads at the point of time that the data is requested from the system. B2B digital marketers are engaged and embracing Megaleads new Real-Time Email Verification (REV) technology. This new turnkey innovation eliminates hard bounces and provides digital marketers with quality B2B email and phone data in minutes. Sending to clean and deliverable prospect lists will keep your sender resources reputable and provide your business with superior email deliverability. Megaleads is not just another data company, we are solving the hardest problems in the digital lead generation business, bringing your business into the future. This is progress.

Free Business Sales Leads

How To Get Free Business Leads (Video 3 minutes)

This simple walk through will show you how to navigate our easy to use website and search for the business leads you've been looking for. Signing up is 100% free, and with it you gain access to our exclusive and immense list of sales leads with 5 FREE searches at your disposal. So what are you waiting for? We're giving you FREE business leads so get out there and start closing!

Mega Tracker > B2B Website Caller-ID System

Profit Producing Sales Leads (Video 1 minute & 59 seconds)

Mega Tracker is revolutionary technology that will produce profitable sales ready leads from your website. Imagine actually viewing the anonymous B2B visitors on your website with their full contact information even if they did not complete an online form.

This technology returns the highest value to our clients. Learn how clients that subscribe to Mega Tracker get 10-25% more leads each week from their website.

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Business Sales Leads

Business Sales Leads Search (Video 2 minutes & 16 seconds)

This video demo will teach you how to get the most out of Megaleads' Business Search tool. Our business to business contact database is one of the most in-depth and cleanest on the web; our system has over 23 million business sales leads records. And there are many different ways to get the business data leads. You can search by state, ZIP code, radius to ZIP code, area code, by city, and you even choose whether you need contacts with solid phone and postal information, or contacts with email addresses. And that's all only part of step one. Once you get into step two, you can then search by business type or SIC code if you know it, so you know you're getting exactly what you want. Once you've narrowed down your search, we'll give you a preview of the contacts you've selected in a nice and clear sales leads presentation. From there, you can print or download the business leads list, refine your search, or start a new search. With the business sales leads search tool, you'll have the upper hand on your competition.

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People Finder Search Tool

People Finder (Video 1 minute)

With our People Finder search tool, you can find information for virtually anyone. Search by either name or email and locate most people in the US. Before you even download the file, you can see how many contacts we have that match your criteria, and which contacts have a birth date or phone number attached. Once the .csv file is open, you can see that we provide full name, date of birth, address, ZIP code, email address list, and phone number. And we're constantly working on cleaning and perfecting our contact lists, so you're getting real, active consumer leads. With more than 40% of the adult population with an active email address at your fingertips, the sales possibilities are endless.

Sign Up for a MegaLeads subscription right now. - Use Promo Code: LEADS on checkout page and save $5.00.

Email Appending Service

Turnkey Email Appending System: (Video 1 minute & 24 seconds)

If you find your own leads database incomplete, our email appending service is the solution you've been looking for. For an additional fee, you get access to one of the largest and richest databases out there- complete with nearly 150 million email subscribers. All you have to do is upload your database and we'll match and add the emails, genders, and birthdates, and sources for the emails as well. Once it's done, you can download your newly completed database as a .csv file. The process is quick, simple, and inexpensive. Having a well polished sales lead lists will push you ahead of your competitors. Call us today to add email appending to your sales strategy. No stone should be unturned when you are performing digital marketing.