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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real-Time Email Verification (REV)?
Getting your hands on clean, verified and deliverable business email addresses can be huge challenge for your company.
Sending to dirty and non-existent email recipients "hard bounces" will damage your IP reputation, get you "kicked-off" of email service providers and make it impossible to deliver a successful email campaign.
Our revolutionary new turn-key technology, Real-Time Email Verification "REV" analyzes and verifies your email data requests real-time.
A critical part of boosting your email marketing campaigns is to ascertain quality email lists and eliminate hard bounces.
Eliminating hard bounces and engaging in good email list practices will keep your sender resources reputable and provide your business with superior email deliverability.
Don't get blocked! Keep your sending reputation high and land your emails right to the inbox!
How does the process work?
The process is simple. Get a paid Megaleads account, do a targeted search for business email data, agree to the download the list, wait a few minutes and receive your verified email list order.
What kind of email deliverability can be expected with this new technology?
We have been working with this technology for many years. Because the Megaleads research and development team has spent thousands of hours perfecting this technology, we are able to provide the cleanest business email lists in the industry with a turn-key solution. Our testing and research shows a minimum deliverability of 85%.
How long does it take to process?
Recipient business email servers could process our requests quickly or slowly, it just depends on the company domain. Typically you can expect about 1 second per email. So if you processed a search result of 500 names you would be waiting about 500 seconds which is about 8 minutes on average.
I see my credits adjusting before and after my file has been verified. What's happening here?
Since we don't know exactly what the end result (list count) will be until we’ve completed your file request, we estimate your anticipated result upfront and deduct those credits. After the file has been verified and completed, then we adjust your credits accordingly.

You start with 4000 credits.
Estimated search results: 1000 prospects.
You click to verify the file.
You now show 3000 credits left.
Real-Time Email Verification “REV” processes your file of prospects.
Total results of verified file: 900
We credit you back 100 credits.
You now have 3100 credits left.

Are emails available for download?
Unlike many other lead generation services, Megaleads provides members with access to business email addresses. These addresses can be used to communicate with prospects and members are expected to follow the Can Spam Act and current laws. Please review our Terms of Service for more details.
How can I pay for Megaleads Services?
Megaleads currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. Payments are made on the website or by calling and speaking to a sales professional.
Are there any long term contracts?
No, you pay monthly with no commitments. You can cancel at anytime for any reason but we do not provide refunds or partial refunds.
Can I download my records?
Of Course! That is the value of Megaleads. To download prospect records in a regular subscription, from a business search, click on the record and select the download button. You also have the option to download your entire list.
What is the format of the downloaded data?
All data downloaded from Megaleads is delivered in a standard .csv format which can be opened using many programs. You can use a program like Excel to manage the information or upload the data to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. We can also recommend free CRM software if you are in need of a data management solution.
Can I do an email campaign through the Megaleads system?
Currently, this functionality is not available for the members but if you need email deployment services, please contact a sales professional and we can deploy an email campaign for an additional fee or recommend a vendor solution at time of purchase.
How big is your database?
At Megaleads, we pride ourselves with providing members with access to the most up to date records. Our Business Lists include more than 28 million records.
When are your lists updated?
Our database is updated during the course month based upon when we receive new files. Some files are received weekly and some are monthly.
How do I customize a search for my particular business to get the sales leads that I want?
Megaleads has developed a one-step search that can be run against many different criteria. Business search has the following different selects that can be included in your searches.
Business – state, zip code, 1-15 mile radius to zip code, area code, type of business, SIC code, executive / job title, company name, annual sales, employee size and more.
Can I save my searches?
We understand that time is money and many users will want to come back to use the same searches so your search criteria will be saved and you can access the search results at any time. There is a 30 day retention for saved business searches.
Can I print my records?
Currently only business records can be printed selectively. To print records, click on the record and select the print button. You also have the option to print your entire list from excel or other spreadsheet type program.
Is there a limit to the number of records I can download at one time?
Searches and views are unlimited at Megaleads and members can download prospect data each month depending on the plan you are subscribed to.
How do I update my account information?
Sign into your Megaleads account and click on the 'My Account' link at the top of the page. You can update your password and credit card information if needed.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
You can retrieve your password here. Enter your email and you will receive an email containing a link to create a new password.
Can I do a postcard mailing from Megaleads?
We understand that many users will want to send out Postcards in order to communicate with prospects. Please contact a sales professional for a free estimate for postcard marketing services.
What if I didn't get my registration confirmation email?
Please check your Bulk/Junk folder and if you still don't see it then call customer service.
Does Megaleads offer different service plans?
Yes, unlike other lead generation companies, Megaleads does not provide a one-size fits all approach. We understand that each members needs for leads and prospects are very different. With this in mind, we created 3 membership levels:
  • Silver - $59.00 / Month – up to 1,000 downloads per month
  • Gold - $159.00 / Month – up to 10,000 downloads per month
  • Platinum - $279.00 / Month – up to 50,000 downloads per month
How do I cancel my Megaleads account?
We know you are going to see the tremendous value that Megaleads can bring to your business, but if you must cancel just give our friendly customer service representatives a call or complete our Contact Us form online. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy before your next anniversary date. No exceptions.
What if I have my own data that I wanted to update?
We understand that many members already have some leads and prospects with missing email addresses. At Megaleads, we provide members with a turn-key email append service which will update name and postal data with active email addresses. This service is available for an additional cost.