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Megaleads Email Append

email append

Megaleads offers state of the art email appending services in order to help marketers expand their databases. Many businesses use this service to enrich their data lists with accurate email addresses. Our turn-key appending solution has helped thousands of businesses enhance their email lists. Take your email data lists to the next level with Megaleads email appending solution.

Our robust database houses millions of records so finding a match to your file should be a breeze. Simply upload your file to the Megaleads system and let us handle the rest. We will be able to return matches to your data sets with the following fields:

Email appending services have been helping companies get the most out of their data files for years. Whether it be consumer sales leads, business sales leads, or proprietary lead lists, our appender service has you covered.

Why Do I Need My Client's Email Addresses?

How can I start using Megaleads appender service?

Call customer service and we will set you up with an appender account, after that just follow these 3 easy steps. It's that simple!

Step 1:

Format your file and save it in a .csv format.

Step 2:

Upload your file and let our system match your file with our massive database.

Step 3:

Download your appended file and start closing more business!

Once your file is completed it will be available for download as a .csv, or comma separated value, that can be opened in excel or a wide variety of other programs. All your uploads will be stored at where they can be easily downloaded anytime you want.

In order for your file to be appended:

Here is an example file before and after appending:

Before Appending


After Appending



Q. What is your usual match rate?

A. We usually match between 5-20% of your database with e-mail addresses from our national opt-in database of over 97 million records.

Q.Where do you get your data from?

A. Our subscribers have responded to various Internet offers from some of our Internet relationships and publication partnerships. As part of the offer they have agreed to accept third-party offers via email.

Q. What information is required for your company to achieve a match / append?

A. To achieve a successful match a full name (first and last name) and the current address (street address, city, state & zip code) is required.

Q. What kind of information is included when a successful match / append is made?

A. A successful match will include an email address, gender, birthday, date stamp, source of opt-in and the Internet Protocol - IP address where the user subscribed. (* approximately one-half of our data includes a gender and birthday.) The opt-in information validates that the user opted into the database and, therefore, protects you from any potential complaints from the user.

Q. How are zip codes that begin with a zero processed?

A. In the event that you have customers from New Jersey or Massachusetts, chances are that you have zip codes that begin with a zero. It is important to note that in most cases the Excel application will drop the leading zero unless you have the fields formatted as text. * You must format these cells as text and ensure that the leading zero is visible in Excel before you save the file as .CSV. After you save the file as .CSV, you will be able to successfully upload it into our appender system.

Q. What if I have zip codes with more than 5 digits?

A. Our email append service will process zip codes with more than 5 digits without a problem. The system uses the first 5 characters only during the append process.

Q. How accurate is your data?

A. We use an extensive and proprietary verification and validation process that checks all e-mail addresses for deliverability. Plus our extensive data hygiene process removes 'hard bounces' , 'complainers'' and 'do not mail domains'. We also remove all 'problematic emails' that could potentially trigger automated complaints. Our database is one of the cleanest and most organized email repositories in the United States. We have approximately one-half of the entire Internet population and a minimum of 30% of any given zip code in the United States. Our customers experience an email deliverability of approximately 85%.

Q. How long does the data append process take?

A. Once you upload your file the entire process will take anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes to complete. Our system is completely automatic, you can watch the matching real-time on the history screen (

Q. Why are you superior to your competition?

A. Our system is revolutionary, pioneering, new, and niche. We are unique because we have automated the entire email append process from beginning to end and have the ability to charge our customers pennies on the dollar for this valuable resource. This system has taken years to build, our back-end database is fast, reliable and secure. Our matching/append algorithms have been exercised for a long period of time in the market place. We are confident that you will find our service to be, "hands down," the best in the industry.

Q. What about privacy?

A. As a reputable email data append company we require that the database contain data from your customers, and your customers only. Your list should not include strangers who have never heard from you or your business. The append process is about opening a new line of communication with your clients that is more efficient and cost effective. As a company or organization with an existing relationship with your customer, you have the right to ethically contact them in a manner that protects their privacy. It is not advisable for you to sell or transfer your appended list or breach your customer's privacy by sharing this data with other companies that do not have an existing relationship with your customers. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for details.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call.