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Perfecting the Call, The Writing On The Call Center Wall

call center services

The Benefits of Investing In Call Center Services

If you’re serious about taking you digital marketing efforts to the next level, you need to invest in good call center services. Read on to learn why.

Businesses want to grow. For example, they see the benefits of digital marketing everywhere and pursue the proven ways to boost SEO and generate leads.

No one is questioning the power of digital marketing. But if digital is your sole focus you may be operating at a significant disadvantage.

Without enhancing your strategy with call center services you’re a runner who is only racing with one leg. You’re bound to get lapped by the competition.

And many companies who already have call center services are operating their call center inefficiently.

It’s not enough to have a call center. You need to maximize the potential of your technology.

Not sure why perfecting the call and investing in call center services is so essential? Let us help.

Make sure you’re not getting left behind when it comes to strong operations, client retention, and sales. There are many aspects of call centers you need to understand in order to succeed.

We have got you covered. Here’s how:

1. Call Center Services Mean Fast Growth

Companies that perfect their inbound and outbound call center are growing faster than others. When integrated with your digital efforts, your business will find a call center can help retain clients.

And call center services are poised for growth. Experts see the opportunity for gathering data, supporting customers, and proactively solving problems.

Many companies are bringing call center services back in-house. The value of the data and the customer experience is too essential to be outsourced in many situations.

2. Technology Integration Creates Possibilities

If you see call center services as simply being fed a prospect list you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Businesses that invest in call centers and integrate their technology are able to find keywords, predict customer behavior, and solve product issues immediately.

Call centers and digital marketing are a solid chain when linked together. You’ll find content topics for the web and have client information ready for each call center employee to review.

You have personal marketing data for each call at the fingertips of your employees. This isn’t as simple as call lists.

This is targeted market research using Twitter, Social Media, and background data. Just as you can predict web visitor buying habits online, you can use this same information for making and receiving calls.

3. Head Off Compliance Issues

Integrating call centers with your information network won’t just help sales and operations. All that data will allow you to head off compliance issues before they begin.

For one, you can deploy standardized processes that are in full compliance and trackable for any regulatory agency. In addition, your call center services should include product issues and data on calls.

You can remedy issues with goods and services prior to them becoming a regulatory issue.

4. Make Sure You Perfect Your Pitch

Why do we love digital marketing so much? One reason is the trackable response of web behavior.

We can deploy multiple campaigns for the same products or services and use data to decide which to reinvest in. Today’s call center services offer the same benefits.

All of us know that customers are tired of poor call center operations. They are concerned about their information remaining safe and hesitant to interact with overseas workers.

For those reasons and more, you need a solid pitch that has been tested and developed by a professional. You will then train each call center rep on that pitch and help them become successful with it.

Analyzing responses and the changing needs of your business will allow this to become a dynamic part of your organization. Plus, your callers will have the backing of great data to help the calling experience.

5. Know Your KPIs

Different call centers have different goals. In fact, your employees may manage multiple roles and goals in a call center.

Understanding call to appointments and other important stats to perfect the process will help your call center operate efficiently.

The benefits of digital marketing have informed call center operations in helpful ways. We now create analytics, metrics, and KPIs specific to the goals of the operation.

6. Managing Call Center Resources

A call center is like every other aspect of your organization. You need to manage employee training, growth, and retention to be successful.

In addition, you need to plan for spikes in call volume.

Prepping for calls, training in KPIs, and using data integration will allow you to measure and grow your staff to the needs of your organization.

7. Prospect Data Is Key

As mentioned above, contemporary call centers offer you the best of both worlds. You can create great data for prospecting with call lists as well as digital data.

Investing in quality call center solutions means investing in quality leads.

Did you know that Megaleads is fueling call centers with quality prospect data for our clients?

8. Save Money

One benefit to doing any task efficiently in business is that you are bound to save money on the bottom line. But with call centers, this is especially true.

If you aren’t operating your call center efficiently you are wasting money. Highly skilled employees are fielding calls and scheduling appointments.

There are opportunity costs with having your skilled staff performing call center tasks. In addition, you are paying them a very high wage to make and receive calls.

Don’t focus solely on the cost when it comes to planning and operating a call center. You need to see the return on investment as well.

Whatever business you’re in requires focus. Let your skilled employees focus on their core competency by creating the best call center you can.

Putting it All Together

Companies that are leveraging only digital marketing aren’t making the most of everything technology has to offer.

It’s not enough. You need a call center in full effect to feel that growth.

Megaleads can help. Don’t wait to get the most out of your call center.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you make the most from your call center with quality leads!

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: 7 Things to Know

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Weighing Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

In the world of marketing, not all types are the same. We’re weighing traditional marketing vs digital marketing in this post.

The traditional marketing vs digital marketing debate never ends.

Many marketers fall into whichever camp they have the most experience and skill. Business leaders often lean toward the kind of marketing they’re most comfortable with. Sales teams want what will make it easier to find leads and convert them into paying customers.

Who’s right?

The Truth About Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

The truth is that no one is right. Every business needs a marketing strategy that uses both traditional and digital marketing tactics.

In this article, we explore the traditional marketing vs digital marketing discussion by looking at key aspects of marketing. We highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of marketing when it comes to cost, measurement, and more.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing doesn’t directly rely on a computer to send, receive or share content.

Examples: flyers, TV and radio ads, magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, samples, posters, trade show booths, swag, storefront signs, jingles, and brochures.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes websites, social media posts, blogs, Google AdWords, email, texts, mobile apps, and more.

Aspects of Marketing


With traditional marketing, it’s easy to see the cost — and it’s usually significant. Invoices from the print shop, promo item company, or publisher make the dollars clear.

Digital marketing has none of those hard costs. So, it must be less expensive. Generally speaking, yes. But don’t forget that there are hosting and other digital service fees. You also need ongoing technical security and performance support.

ROI Measurement

ROI (return on investment) might be more important the initial cost of a marketing tactic.

Measuring ROI in traditional marketing requires significant effort and passage of time. To know if a newspaper ad, billboard or T-shirt boost sales (online or in-store), you need to wait. There’s no direct link between a marketing tactic and a person’s ability to buy. So, it can be a while before a person buys your product. If you want to know what prompted the purchase, you have to ask them. If they mention the ad/billboard/T-shirt, then that sale can be connected to the marketing tactic.

With digital marketing, ROI can be seen in within minutes or hours. Plus, the customer doesn’t need to answer surveys. With tools such as Google Analytics, you can see a customer’s digital path from marketing to on-line sale.

Ability to Make Adjustments

Traditional marketing is unforgiving. If a magazine ad garners negative public opinion, you can’t make it disappear. If you change the products or pricing listed in a brochure, you have to reprint and redistribute.

You can tweak digital marketing in minutes, often in real-time. Product and pricing changes on a website can be done at any time. You can pull an ill-advised Facebook ad minutes after the decision to take it down.


The flip side of being able to make quick changes is longevity. If a person with a branded T-shirt wears it all the time, your company can get months or years of promotion. A promotional email is gone the minute the user deletes it. And that can be seconds after receiving it.

Sensory Versatility

An aspect of the traditional marketing vs digital marketing debate with a clear winner is sensory versatility.

Digital marketing can only use sight and sound to connect with customers. Traditional marketing can reach people through all five senses. If you sell food, giving people a chance to taste your product boosts sales. If you sell clothing, letting people touch and try on items, leads to higher sales. If you sell perfume, allowing people to smell it will help them put money on the table.

Of course, many traditional marketing tactics have the same problem. You can’t touch, smell or taste the pizza advertised on TV. Traditional and digital marketers do wonders to simulate the experience of eating pizza using only sights and sounds. But it generally doesn’t close a sale as quickly as the aroma of hot pizza and a sample slice.

Reaching The Right Audience

Traditional marketing relies on best guesses. Research into your customers’ locations can tell you the best area for a billboard. But after that, you have no idea who is looking at the billboard.

Digital marketing makes it easy to identify and target the right customers for your products or services. Data allows you to segment your audience. For example, you can identify people who show an online interest in cars. Sending emails only to those people to promote your car products, increases the lead to conversion ratio.


Personalizing digital marketing is easy. Adding a person’s name and referencing their past purchases is simple programming. Web sites “remember” what people search for and can offer them special deals that their friends don’t see.

Traditional marketing can be personalized too. When talking with a potential customer at a trade show or sample giveaway booth, you can talk about shared interests or say you like their shoes. In-person personalization can be quite effective because it’s spontaneous and fluid.


Discoverability — the ability for a potential customer to find your business — is another aspect of the traditional marketing vs digital marketing debate with a clear winner. In this case, it’s digital marketing.

When someone wants to find a plumber, new pair of shoes, remedy for itchy skin, or how to make cheesecake, they turn to the internet. SEO and other digital marketing tools help put a business’ website at the top of the search results.

Traditional marketing relies on people remembering an ad, brochure or T-shirt. They then have to connect the message to their current need.

In Summary

Don’t spend energy on the traditional marketing vs digital marketing debate. Instead, focus on the aspects of marketing. Create a marketing strategy that builds on your company’s successes. Add in the best of traditional and digital marketing tactics to close any gaps.

That will give you a marketing strategy that uses both traditional and digital marketing tactics. A blended strategy can help give you the sales, revenue, and profit results you want.

What’s the mix in your marketing strategy?

Let us know how you blend traditional and digital marketing by leaving a comment in the box below.

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Why Marketing Consultants Wear Bullseyes

business leads

Important Marketing Skills for Gaining Business Leads

Without proper marketing strategies, businesses can fail. We’re sharing the important marketing skills you need to gain new business leads here!

Are you feeling the heat?

For today’s marketing professionals the business world can be brutal. While marketing tools, technology, and strategies have evolved at a quantum pace, many clients haven’t caught up.

There is incredible frustration at trying to deploy new efforts only to be met with resistance. Or worse still, you can be generating immense revenue for a client only to have your hard work go unrecognized.

You may be doing an amazing job and still feel a bullseye pinned to your back!

The bad news is, many marketers have themselves to blame. We help our clients and businesses immensely but fail to give them the tools to measure us.

We give them great business leads and make it look so easy they wonder if they need us at all!

That can end now. We can help you ditch that bullseye.

But first, let’s make sure we understand why marketing consultants are the target of so much scrutiny.

Here we go:

Businesses Use Marketing the Wrong Way

Unless a business is incredibly savvy, they often use marketing efforts incorrectly. Marketing consultants see this over again.

They bring us in too late to help and blame us for the failure. Or, we give them a winning strategy and they take credit themselves!

Most businesses haven’t integrated marketing into their operations as seamlessly as a company like Red Bull. Red Bull’s branding, investment, and marketing strategy are as much of their operations approach as manufacturing is.

But cutting edge marketers can change that approach. We can educate our clients and show them the difference between marketing efforts.

If you show them what works, you’ll become an invaluable asset.

Many marketers begin by displaying the difference in quality business leads versus lead quantity.

They Mistake Business Leads for Quality Leads

With all the work to grow inbound traffic and promote Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, many businesses ignore the quality of the actual business leads they are investing in.

Marketers wear a bullseye because they don’t help their clients and organization discern the difference between quality leads and general leads. Tracking investment to conversion is a necessity.

For example, a digital marketing effort into content creation could yield as much as a 3000% boost in inbound traffic. But unless you know if this lead generation effort is linked to conversion it can be deceptive.

Decision makers may think “we paid for all those leads, and nothing came of them.”

Instead, tracking each effort to conversion allows marketers to adapt to business needs and demonstrate immediate value.

Value needs to be demonstrated in real time.

Focusing on an integrated ROI strategy allows businesses to understand every investment. They will no longer treat all types of lead generation efforts the same.

Businesses Ignore ROI

Businesses talk about return on investment (ROI) incessantly these days. But at the same time, they are incredibly confused on how to accurately measure and track ROI.

One of the benefits integrating digital marketing with an overall marketing strategy is having direct access to your customers. Businesses no longer require the medium of television, print, and radio to get their message spread effectively.

More important though is being able to track marketing effectively. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to tie ROI analytics into their marketing strategy.

An example surrounding business leads: Investing in leads without analytics means a binary response.

“That didn’t work.” Or, “That worked great.”

Make An Informed Decision

It’s impossible to make an informed decision on how to invest, or where to invest next time, with a binary approach. Many marketers wear a bullseye simply because they are not being accurately measured.

ROI analytics means tracking the effectiveness of the lead on the granular level. What is the background, source, business sector, age, revenue size, valuation or stock price of the lead can be valuable information.

Tying this to time to sale, conversion, deal size, and closing costs, are simple examples of how to change marketing mindset into measurable results.

Of course, each business is different. But it isn’t enough to measure results using obscure methods any longer.

When businesses develop their own KPIs for marketing ROI they will know exactly what type of business leads pay off and why. They know where to double investment efforts and where to change tactics.

Of course, marketing isn’t always a fast, immediate return. And that can be factored into measures.

But many businesses are stuck in the old mindset and don’t know how to measure what clearly works.

The New Marketing Approach

Digital marketing means moving from the abstract costs of marketing and tieing them directly to revenue generation.

Return on marketing investment can be measured, reported and tracked today. Next generation marketers don’t let their clients and business guess as to the effectiveness of any strategy.

They use proven methods with clear trackable results. And if they don’t, they develop new strategies in real time.

Or they get picked off.

Marketers need to track their contribution to each client and organization. Then you’re on your way to getting rid of that pesky target on your back.

Ditch The Bullseye

Marketers can also do their part to ditch the bullseye. By integrating tracking analytics and proven, measurable, strategies your role moves from a mysterious cost center to a proven revenue source.

Did you know that Megaleads can help? We are pioneers in the direct response and database marketing business space.

Our engineers have spent more than a decade creating turn-key systems that provide marketers the ability to generate more business using digital tactics.

We integrate digital measures and lead generation strategies with traditional marketing techniques.

Getting the best tools and support means Megaleads can help you ditch the bullseye.

Getting the Best

Don’t wait for someone to hit that target pinned to your back. Marketing professionals need to educate their bosses on clients on how to get the most from every penny spent.

Megaleads will give you the tools, support, and leads required to drive your business into the next phase. You need to make sure your effort is valued and understood in every marketing effort.

We have access to over 28 million leads to help you boost sales.

Contact Megaleads now and we will help guide your organization into the new economy.

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How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey and Only 5% of Business Executives Can Call Them Out on It


How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey

Are you trying to sort through the field of online marketing? You’re not the only one as 80% of marketers are full of malarkey and even their bosses don’t know.

It is hard to find an honest marketer. Most of them are full of malarkey and even experienced business people may have difficultly sorting the good from the bad.

Is your digital marketing strategy suffering because you are listening to the wrong people?

80% of online marketers are full of malarkey

With so much information out there, you don’t want to waste time. This is why you need to stay smart, get your digital marketing strategy in order and choose the right person for the job.

Why are so many online marketers full of malarkey?

They offer second-hand advice

The next big thing could actually be yesterday’s hero. Many digital marketers don’t take the time to research and rely on old digital marketing strategies.

The digital space moves at a rapid pace and what worked last year might now work now. A good marketer will be reading and researching on a continual basis. They will be aware of any trends before they become mainstream.

The advice you are getting could simply be common sense. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and consider how and why they purchase what you’re selling.

What do they see when they visit your website?

They want you to buy a get rich quick scheme

Many digital marketers might not be experts in their field, but they are experts in trying to manipulate you into buying their overpriced theories.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t rely on false testimonials, read third party reviews and chat to real people about whether the specific service worked for them.

Digital marketers often sell pages and pages of information, often it is easily accessible for free on the internet.

They want you to pay for it

We don’t expect anyone to work for free, and if something is going to truly help ou get results then it may be worth it.

However, many digital marketers are selling malarkey and expect you to spend your hard-earned dollars on it.

This is often at a high price point, with the option of a monthly plan. Is it worth signing up for a long-term financial commitment?

Consider if hundreds of other people are buying the same information, is it still going to set you apart from the crowd?

They will lie to you

Some marketers will lie to you. Plain and simple. They will sell you practices which could damage your reputation.

You want someone honest. They need to be honest with you, and honest with your potential customers.

Although it may require a little more patience to do things the right way, in the long run your business will benefit.

Remember, this is an investment.

They take your money and run

Some digital marketers are happy to take your money and run. They may even offer you a valuable source of information.

But, without the opportunity to access their support services, you still may experience failure. The best kinds of marketers are those who offer continued support, the ability to ask questions and brainstorm ideas.

These are rare gems indeed.

They target your emotions

It can be hard to separate business and emotions. Some digital marketers want to push their malarkey onto you and if you aren’t thinking clearly you might just fall for it.

The idea of bypassing hard work and making money overnight is tempting. You might even start to daydream about what you would do with all that cash.

Do you remember Scrooge McDuck had that money room? Marketers often have you believe you could be swimming in your very own pile of money by the end of the day.

Remind yourself, it’s just a cartoon.

You can make good money, but it won’t happen overnight.

Want a digital strategy without the malarkey?

Marketing doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. The key is to stay up to date with the top marketing trends.

5 things which are currently working in digital marketing

Knowing what areas you should be working on will save you from getting conned by a potentially inexperienced digital marketer.

1. Email Targeted Prospecting

This works. Use it for business to business marketing and make sure you target multiple channels.

This will help to generate genuine leads and get your foot in the door. The important thing to remember is you need to offer something of value.

Give them a reason to open your email in the first place.

2. Content, content, content

Create fresh content across all of your platforms. Have a focus on quality, frequent posts.

Make your content work for your brand and you will be surprised how quickly it will grow.

3. SEO strategies to increase your ranking

Search engine optimization is an art, and one which changes all the time. When looking for digital marketers to help in this area, check their experience.

Do they have proven results? Is it a Google friendly strategy? You don’t want to lose your ranking from using poor, outdated methods.

4. Forget RTB and brand marketing

If you are using a B2B model, RTB (real-time bidding) can be ineffective. If you want results you need to think outside of the box.

Traditional brand marketing doesn’t work for all businesses, particularly digital marketers. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd in a packed marketplace.

Focus on lead generation instead.

5. Prove your expertise

Offer guest posts and show your potential customers that you are an expert in your field. What do you have to offer?

Write posts for other websites and include your links, this will be good for both SEO and brand loyalty.

Can your digital marketer offer you ways to do these?

The best way to avoid the malarkey is to have a general direction of where you want to go.

Look for proven results and an honest approach.

How do you feel about digital marketing?

Have you experienced any of the above? What strategies do you use?

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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Solidifying Your Brand’s Success with Loyal Customers: Shared Values

A very often overlooked part of generating sales leads is customer retention, or how likely those leads will stick and return for more business. This is what makes quality leads, and should be the main focus of any marketing. Loyal customers are the backbone of any business, as they will stick with you during the roughest of times, be more forgiving of any mistakes or problems and more likely to talk well about your company by word of mouth. But what exactly creates returning customers?

To really understand why people choose the brands that they do involves digging into the underlying psychology of the human mind. A lot of choices people make are not even understood by themselves, but advertising and marketing groups invest a lot of capital into controlling these hidden forces. First and foremost, what brings people to choose an identity? This plays a large role in everything someone does, for instant we have people that buy Apple products and those that buy Microsoft. Now you may not think of these as distinct groups with identity but they actually are when you get down to it. Communities form that then create their own culture, and people start to treat them with the same in/out group preferences and behaviors that they would with say a country. So, what underlies all of this? Values.

People like feeling a sense of belonging, and an integral part of that are shared values. What is your company about and what is it striving to achieve. A message that invokes a higher purpose, more than just profits, is what people want to see. This also makes them get a sense that they are contributing to it as well whenever they buy your products. This is why certain people gravitate towards different companies like Apple or Microsoft; the values behind the ideas of the company. Just think, would you like to give money to a company that is doing things not in harmony with what you believe? It’s a very subtle thing, but making sure what you stand for gets across, whether consciously in minds or subconsciously, is key to fostering a loyal customer base.

Now all of this is of course going to be meaningless without a good product, or at least not as effective. Product, price, involvement, these three things are what gets customers to you, and then hold them. With shared values playing a large part in involvement. We will explore these other parts and products and price in the future, but for now think about what the values of you and your company are and have it color your marketing and message.

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Tips for gaining sales leads through effective blogging.

Having a means to communicate with current and potential customers is very important to maintaining any kind of relationship with them. There are of course many means, such as twitter, email, press releases, and blogs. All these different means have unique advantages and disadvantages and therefore they should all be utilized to some extent depending on what information you are trying to share. But the one I want to focus on are blogs. Blogs provide a way to really flesh out the thoughts and mind of a business, for customers to get a glimpse behind the thought processing and decision making of the company and to form a community around it. So let’s take a look at what one can do to get the most out of blogging.

  1. Be relatable – Bringing emotion and personality to your blogs makes the writing and therefore your business more relatable and human. This can be done in many different ways, for one, not all blogs need to be formal, and therefore they allow you opportunities to get away from “corporate talk,” and instead speak more casually. Interjecting humor as well can draw people in make them want to continue reading on.
  2. Quality Content – No one wants to read something if there is no point to it or doesn’t inform them of anything. This is why having a strong title that not only entices but lets people know what the blog post will be about is important. A part of this also involves organizing you’re post in a manner that is easy to read; making sure there is proper grammar as well as limiting how long paragraphs are will make reading more enjoyable. A good length to strive for in a blog post is about 500 words. But don’t just add filler, it is best to have unique content and your own spin, as this will also give people a reason to come to your blog over others. This can involve talking about your own business’s technology or research as well as giving updates on certain activities or projects you may be working on. This also allows customers to feel like they are in the loop.
  3. Optimize for SEO – Making sure search engines find your blog can be difficult, but if you want people to read it they have to see it. This is where your blog post’s title tag and meta description come into play. The title tag should stay below 65 characters, and you should try to target keywords that you want to be picked up by search engines, if you have links within your blog post you should also have their anchor text consist of keywords you want targeted. The meta description should stay below 150 characters and describe what the post is about.

Remember, in the end blogging is about what you want to tell. Give it your own personal flavor and share your thoughts, knowledge, and secrets with the world. Your customers will love it, and you’ll have tons of sales leads before you know it.

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Megaleads Real-Time Verification enhances our business email lists.

We here at Megaleads have recently introduced a new technology we call Real-Time Email Verification, or “REV” for short, into our system. This technology revolutionizes the way in which you get business data by verifying email data requests in real-time to enhance our business email lists. The verification process removes emails that are dirty or non-existent, and produces an email deliverability rate of around 85%. This solves one of the biggest problems in the digital lead generation space, unclean data. Unclean data is a menace to any marketer, as sending to dirty and non-existent email recipients, otherwise known as “hard bounces,” will damage your IP reputation, get you kicked-off of email service providers and make it very difficult to deliver a successful email campaign.

As discussed in a previous blog post, a bounce happens when the email you send gets rejected by the recipient’s server. This is a common complaint and concern levied at those in the data industry, as unclean data destroys consumer confidence. Due to this, we have spent many years working and testing various cleaning and verification technology. We managed to get just what we were looking for with “REV,” and it is something we have no doubt will make people change their tune in regards to how they see lead generation. So what are you waiting for?

Using this revolutionary technology is easy, too get access all you will need to have is a Megaleads gold subscription, which would be $99 a month. Then it just comes down to selecting the business email data you want, agreeing to download the list and your file then gets verified. The process takes around 1 second per email, so 500 emails would be around 500 seconds or 8 minutes. After that, you will have  the highest quality list possible in the industry.

Keep a look out on our Megaleads youtube channel as well as our website for upcoming videos detailing this new technology. We are very excited about this new step forward, and want to make sure it is understood and that our clients get the most out of it. Eliminating hard bounces and engaging in good email list practices will keep your sender resources reputable and provide your business with superior email deliverability. Don’t wait, get ahead of the competition and buy business emails now to experience the future of quality lead generation!

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SEO Strategies for Gaining Sales Leads

If your business heavily relies on internet sales and traffic, then developing and investing in SEO strategies is a must for gaining sales leads. Search engine optimization or SEO, is all about getting your website ranked high on the various search engines out there. Which means having your website be on the first couple of pages of specific searches, ideally on page 1, as a vast majority of the time, users never scroll beyond the first page. There are a vast amount of ways to increase your ranking, though the first thing you should do is look into software and tools to track all the information you will need to know, such as where you currently rank with certain keywords, where your competitors rank and what words people commonly search for. After tracking the relevant info let’s see what else can be done.

Content – Having a lot of unique and quality content is what Google likes. The more you have the more likely you will get picked up by search engine spiders and consequently be indexed. This means making sure you do not have duplicate content on your website and that the content you do have is relevant and useful to anyone using your website. Content that is very valuable are reviews/customer testimonials. If you have products on your website it is good to have review fields nearby.

Links – Links leading back to your website is one of the most obvious ways to increase traffic but there are a lot of hidden kinks that are often overlooked. There are two main types of backlinks we will talk about, internal and external. Internal links are links within your own website leading to other parts of your website, external links are links from other websites that lead to your website. You can gain external links by guest posting, submitting your website to RSS directories, and being active on social media. Internal links you can create on your own, but whether external or internal you need to make sure it looks natural. You do not want too many links, nor have all leading to one webpage, or one webpage cannibalizing all the links, as this can negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Keywords – Keywords are one of the most important things to be aware of and maintain. This means using relevant words within the descriptions on your website, including, page titles, blog posts, meta descriptions, and title tags. To determine relevant keywords, you need to find what people are searching for in regards to businesses like yours. You can check out ‘Google Trends’ to get a feel for what people are searching for. It is also smart to target long tail keywords, or phrases that are more specific. For instance, instead of targeting “plumbing,” target “Reliable plumbing in New Jersey.” This will increase your chances of ranking high.

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Building quality email address lists: don’t bounce out of relevancy

When building up your email address lists it is important to be aware of any bounces that happen when you initiate email campaigns. A bounce happens when the email you sent is rejected by the recipient’s server. Low bounce rates are a sign of a healthy list, while high bounce rates are a sign that something is wrong and your list needs maintenance. Normally, bounces are defined in two types, hard and soft.

A hard bounce usually indicates a “permanent” problem, such as the email address or domain name doesn’t exist or is invalid. A soft bounce is a “temporary” problem, such as their inbox is full or their server is down. An email that hard bounces should be removed from your lists, while if it soft bounces you should monitor it to see if it ever goes through, and if not it should eventually be removed too. This is an important part in maintaining good list hygiene, as bounces can damage your sender reputation and will make it difficult to have a high delivery rate. Usually when an email bounces the sender will be sent a message back detailing what happened, this can be helpful in identifying the problem. If you are seeing a lot of bounces from a particular domain it is possible that your emails have been blocked by the receiver’s ISP server and when this happens it will be very difficult to deliver a successful email campaign. The ISP does this when it notices a lot of bounces and assumes you are a spammer.

There are a couple of strategies for reducing the amount of bounces that you can try. When someone subscribes to your list, such as from a sign up form, it is good to put a required verify email field alongside a normal email field, which means they would have to input their email twice. This can reduce chances of any misspellings. Also you can send a confirmation email to them with a link which they have to click in order for their subscription to be confirmed. You can also send test emails to various email providers, such as AOL, Gmail, Yahoo etc., and check if you notice any of them being bounced. This can indicate that those providers may have blocked you.

Knowing all this, we here at Megaleads are always looking into and developing new ways to clean email address lists and increase deliverability. We are testing a new turn-key technology that does just that, and recent research shows around an 85% deliverability rate. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to one of our sales agents and they’d be happy to answer any questions about it.

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Building business relations for success.

Whether your business focuses on B2B sales or not, developing and growing relationships with other businesses and creating quality business email lists will open up many new opportunities. These opportunities can be integral to the success of your own business, so instead of “going it alone,” let us see what we can do to build business relations.

Interacting with a business requires an entirely different strategy and tone compared to your everyday consumer. Where B2C allows for some exaggeration, hyperbole, or embellishment on the part of your business, especially in regards to your marketing, doing the same with another business is not recommended and can back fire very quickly. This is due to the fact that in general other businesses are more aware of such strategies and would be able to find out very easily when you are exaggerating or embellishing when compared to consumers. They are also more likely to do extensive research on your company before entering into a business relation with you, unlike consumers who would be more liberal. The reason for this is that a business’s reputation and livelihood is on the line if they associate with another business and something goes wrong due to that, while all in all there is less risk for a consumer. Due to this it is best to be completely honest and transparent when interacting with other businesses, as that is the best way to build a productive relationship.

Now, of course mistakes at some point are bound to happen, not only that but every business has a weak point, or some aspect where they are currently lacking. This brings us to the human factor, which is going to be very important for building business relations. The human factor revolves around growing a personal relation with other businesses; this is really a key part of any strong relationship between humans, people are more likely to help out those that are close to them, such as friends and family, compared to those that are distant or “strangers.” To facilitate this, it is a good idea to schedule time to go out to lunch, or do something fun like go to a baseball game together, what is important is spending time talking with one another and getting to know the faces behind the business. Along with this comes the involvement of your businesses with one another, to the point where you both have a vested interest in not allowing the other one to fail. This would involve giving them timely updates on what is happening, asking for feedback when it is applicable, and sharing resources, capital, knowledge etc. Essentially having the mentality of “You got my back I got yours.”

Creating a relationship of shared goals and values with another business will open up opportunities to make your business a success, you don’t have to go it alone nor should you want to, as many things can only be accomplished by working together.

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