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Make Marketing Work - Digital Marketing Strategies


After 15 years of managing and growing companies in the competitive digital marketplace, we have uncovered the real secrets that truly make marketing work on the Internet.

Most marketing resources get caught in the web of thinking in the terms of tactics, but online customers have evolved. The days of putting up a web page and slamming traffic into it are over. No one is going to buy anything from you unless you give them a chance to learn about who you are. It’s more than just pushing a single product or service, you must nurture your customers and bring them through a relationship with you and your company.

The real answer to building a truly loyal customer base is developing a strategy and backing it up with tactics, traceability, and our working conversion funnel that will consistently pay you dividends. Value and value propositions are extremely important to achieving success in your marketing model. You should think of Internet marketing as a process in which you educate prospects and clients about the value you bring to the marketplace.

Many businesses take a turn for the worse when they try to be everything for everyone, and at the end of the day they come up with a whole lot of nothing because they lost focus on their main strategy. It is crucial to keep focused and manage your company in measureable and manageable pieces. We have developed a ground breaking science for the modern business, and we invite you to learn from us. We look forward to working with you on developing a successful business in the digital marketplace.

Learn from entrpreneur and digital marketing expert, Jimmy Alamia, about the upcoming informational suite hosted by MegaLeads. In this video Jimmy will introduce himself as well as provide some forsight as to the value users will gather from engagement with the upcoming video series. With years of experience in the data and sales leads industry Jimmy and other company representatives will share their expereinces while describing the latest trends in the online lead generation marketplace. As stated by Jimmy "It is time to take our ties off, roll our sleeves up, and make marketing work!"

Make Marketing Work Introduction

A brief introduction by sales and digital marketing genius, Jimmy Alamia. Get to know what will be discussed in the upcoming program.

Goals and Strategy

The Goals and Strategy section of the Make Marketing Work blueprint. Get the full overview of the upcoming web series and see what you will be in for with the new program.

Distribution Tactics (Part 1)

The 1st half of Distribution Tactics in the "Make Marketing Work" blueprint. Jim describes how to effectively use these content tools to transform your business and use the conversion factor funnel. Stay Tuned for More!

Distribution Tactics (Part 2)

Jim discusses the Social, Video, Call Blast, and Banners components in the "Make Marketing Work" blueprint. He talks about the value of these facets and how they intertwine with retargeting and bringing customers back to the conversion funnel!

Reputation Management

Jim discusses Reputation Management, the last component under Distribution tactics in the "Make Marketing Work" blueprint. This video is a guide for those worried about how they are perceived in the online community. Jim discusses ways to enhance your reputation even if it is slightly tarnished.

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