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How Viable is Email Marketing?

When looking to expand your business it may be intimidating to scour through all your options and figuring out what the most effective strategy is. Depending on your unique circumstances what’s best may vary,  but certain facts still stay the same. Such as the fact that e-mail is still a much more reliable way to attract customers to your business than social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It may be a bit shocking considering all the buzz around social media in recent years but email is still the number one way customers prefer to interact with businesses. This means investing in your email marketing department is vital to your growth. Building up your consumer email lists though is not the hard part, the hard part is nurturing those lists and building a relationship with your consumers. This means knowing what entices them and also things such as when and where they check their emails. Do they check on their phones, on their desktops? In the morning, at night? These are all valuable pieces of information to gather and once you do you will begin closing more business in no time.

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