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Tips for gaining sales leads through effective blogging.

Having a means to communicate with current and potential customers is very important to maintaining any kind of relationship with them. There are of course many means, such as twitter, email, press releases, and blogs. All these different means have unique advantages and disadvantages and therefore they should all be utilized to some extent depending on what information you are trying to share. But the one I want to focus on are blogs. Blogs provide a way to really flesh out the thoughts and mind of a business, for customers to get a glimpse behind the thought processing and decision making of the company and to form a community around it. So let’s take a look at what one can do to get the most out of blogging.

  1. Be relatable – Bringing emotion and personality to your blogs makes the writing and therefore your business more relatable and human. This can be done in many different ways, for one, not all blogs need to be formal, and therefore they allow you opportunities to get away from “corporate talk,” and instead speak more casually. Interjecting humor as well can draw people in make them want to continue reading on.
  2. Quality Content – No one wants to read something if there is no point to it or doesn’t inform them of anything. This is why having a strong title that not only entices but lets people know what the blog post will be about is important. A part of this also involves organizing you’re post in a manner that is easy to read; making sure there is proper grammar as well as limiting how long paragraphs are will make reading more enjoyable. A good length to strive for in a blog post is about 500 words. But don’t just add filler, it is best to have unique content and your own spin, as this will also give people a reason to come to your blog over others. This can involve talking about your own business’s technology or research as well as giving updates on certain activities or projects you may be working on. This also allows customers to feel like they are in the loop.
  3. Optimize for SEO – Making sure search engines find your blog can be difficult, but if you want people to read it they have to see it. This is where your blog post’s title tag and meta description come into play. The title tag should stay below 65 characters, and you should try to target keywords that you want to be picked up by search engines, if you have links within your blog post you should also have their anchor text consist of keywords you want targeted. The meta description should stay below 150 characters and describe what the post is about.

Remember, in the end blogging is about what you want to tell. Give it your own personal flavor and share your thoughts, knowledge, and secrets with the world. Your customers will love it, and you’ll have tons of sales leads before you know it.

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