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Successful first year for sales leads database

MegaLeads has blown way past their expectations after the first year on the market. Companies, sales professionals, and marketing agencies have been reaching out to the MegaLeads for all their data needs, and many have dropped their old sales lead providers. For the new year there has been a complete overhaul of the website complete with video tutorials and RSS syndication to keep up with company updates. On top of all the functionality and cosmetic changes the database has also been overhauled to provide faster results for sales data searches. This means that subscribers will gain access to their lead lists faster more effectively than ever before.

January has been a huge month for the team at MegaLeads with their launch of Mega Tracker caller id for webpages. This new SAAS solution allows companies to to place a tracking code on their web sites which captures the ip addresses of incoming visitors. This ip is then analyzed and returned as a company match with all employees and contacts found within the MegaLeads Databases. This revolutionary and breakthrough technology is creating a major buzz in the digital marketing arena and feedback from beta users has been astounding. This new solution will change the face of digital marketing and lead generation for years to come. Please check out the official Mega Tracker video below.

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