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SEO Strategies for Gaining Sales Leads

If your business heavily relies on internet sales and traffic, then developing and investing in SEO strategies is a must for gaining sales leads. Search engine optimization or SEO, is all about getting your website ranked high on the various search engines out there. Which means having your website be on the first couple of pages of specific searches, ideally on page 1, as a vast majority of the time, users never scroll beyond the first page. There are a vast amount of ways to increase your ranking, though the first thing you should do is look into software and tools to track all the information you will need to know, such as where you currently rank with certain keywords, where your competitors rank and what words people commonly search for. After tracking the relevant info let’s see what else can be done.

Content – Having a lot of unique and quality content is what Google likes. The more you have the more likely you will get picked up by search engine spiders and consequently be indexed. This means making sure you do not have duplicate content on your website and that the content you do have is relevant and useful to anyone using your website. Content that is very valuable are reviews/customer testimonials. If you have products on your website it is good to have review fields nearby.

Links – Links leading back to your website is one of the most obvious ways to increase traffic but there are a lot of hidden kinks that are often overlooked. There are two main types of backlinks we will talk about, internal and external. Internal links are links within your own website leading to other parts of your website, external links are links from other websites that lead to your website. You can gain external links by guest posting, submitting your website to RSS directories, and being active on social media. Internal links you can create on your own, but whether external or internal you need to make sure it looks natural. You do not want too many links, nor have all leading to one webpage, or one webpage cannibalizing all the links, as this can negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Keywords – Keywords are one of the most important things to be aware of and maintain. This means using relevant words within the descriptions on your website, including, page titles, blog posts, meta descriptions, and title tags. To determine relevant keywords, you need to find what people are searching for in regards to businesses like yours. You can check out ‘Google Trends’ to get a feel for what people are searching for. It is also smart to target long tail keywords, or phrases that are more specific. For instance, instead of targeting “plumbing,” target “Reliable plumbing in New Jersey.” This will increase your chances of ranking high.

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