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Sales lead nurturing – Are you doing it right?

MegaLeads has been operating in the sales leads and data space for some time now and we always get questions about conversion and lead nurturing. Our team works closely and we exercise the data found in the MegaLeads system just as any customer on our platform would. We spend time calling on prospects and pushing for the close just as any other salesman or marketing team wishes to. To no surprise there is usually never a close on the first interaction with a contact or prospect. After some time struggling to make the “one phone call close” it became clear that we needed to use a new tactic as it pertained to exercising our large database of sales leads.

The answer to our question that guided our new strategy can be summed up in 3 words, sales lead nurturing. The days of an over the phone close or direct landing page conversion are over, and the new model that must be adopted by anyone in sales should be sales lead nurturing. At MegaLeads we have started to structure our sales funnel with lead nurturing in mind. Please take a look at the key points we have chosen below.


1) Introduction should not push close, but create an introduction and time for follow up

2) All prospects should be loaded into a CRM program and properly tagged


4) Create urgency that pushes the prospect to the close

5) Educate prospects and provide them with useful information about your services and the marketplace you belong to

6) Provide a special deal or promotional code that makes the prospect feel like they are getting a personalized deal


Lead nurturing can be tackled from a variety of different ways, but the tactics we have stated above have proven to work wonders for our sales team thus far. Remember nobody likes to be told what to do or forced into a sale. Let the prospect feel as though they want to use your company due solely to their own choice after weighing all possible options. Sales should be an ongoing process that operates on a per client basis with a standardized structure. Implement some of the key strategies above and it is guaranteed that your sales team will increase conversions and close more deals.


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