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Are there problems with your email campaigns?

If you have been investing a lot into email campaigns and sending them quite often, and aren’t noticing any increase in sales, leads, or business, then here are some things to look into to turn that around.

First,  some common signs of a problem with email campaigns are; spam complaints, significant unsubscribes, low open and click through rates, and a lack of site traffic. All these things are red flags that it is time to look into what you are doing and prepare to make changes. Now in recent years more and more people are checking their emails on mobile devices, so you need to make your emails optimized for mobile. This means making sure they load quickly, that the font is readable and that your subscribers don’t have to do any significant scrolling. If a large chunk of your list can’t even read your email then your click through rate will suffer and you won’t be getting your message across.

To help with open rates, subjects lines are key. It is good practice to keep them short, around 25 to 35 character is best. Try to avoid using words such as buy, sale, prize, cheap, free, as these get picked up by spam filters very easily. Instead use words like exclusive, or chosen. Also every now and then make your subject line a question, it gets people thinking and likely to open to see what the “answer” is. It is also very important to make it clear who the email is from.

Ensuring subscribers stay can be done through segmenting your email lists. Segmenting will allow you to send targeted emails that will have an overall higher engagement rate. This will mean grouping them according to demographics, industry, job position, or anything that will help you better determine what kind of emails your subscribers are more likely to desire and look at. During this it is also good to check for emails that are inactive, or those that never open or click, and either remove them or put them all in a separate list and then at some point run a re-engagement campaign with that list. Be careful not to send out emails too frequently though, as that can annoy subscribers, nobody wants their inbox to be inundated with emails from one company.

At the end of it all there is always one thing that can’t be forgotten, and that is proofreading/testing. Making sure your email has correct grammar and spelling goes a long way in showing professionalism and care for your business. Along with this comes the checking of any links to make sure they all go to where they are suppose to. If your email is full of misspellings and broken links, it makes it seem as if you don’t take it seriously, as if you don’t really care, and if the company doesn’t care why would anyone else.

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