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Megaleads Real-Time Verification enhances our business email lists.

We here at Megaleads have recently introduced a new technology we call Real-Time Email Verification, or “REV” for short, into our system. This technology revolutionizes the way in which you get business data by verifying email data requests in real-time to enhance our business email lists. The verification process removes emails that are dirty or non-existent, and produces an email deliverability rate of around 85%. This solves one of the biggest problems in the digital lead generation space, unclean data. Unclean data is a menace to any marketer, as sending to dirty and non-existent email recipients, otherwise known as “hard bounces,” will damage your IP reputation, get you kicked-off of email service providers and make it very difficult to deliver a successful email campaign.

As discussed in a previous blog post, a bounce happens when the email you send gets rejected by the recipient’s server. This is a common complaint and concern levied at those in the data industry, as unclean data destroys consumer confidence. Due to this, we have spent many years working and testing various cleaning and verification technology. We managed to get just what we were looking for with “REV,” and it is something we have no doubt will make people change their tune in regards to how they see lead generation. So what are you waiting for?

Using this revolutionary technology is easy, too get access all you will need to have is a Megaleads gold subscription, which would be $99 a month. Then it just comes down to selecting the business email data you want, agreeing to download the list and your file then gets verified. The process takes around 1 second per email, so 500 emails would be around 500 seconds or 8 minutes. After that, you will have  the highest quality list possible in the industry.

Keep a look out on our Megaleads youtube channel as well as our website for upcoming videos detailing this new technology. We are very excited about this new step forward, and want to make sure it is understood and that our clients get the most out of it. Eliminating hard bounces and engaging in good email list practices will keep your sender resources reputable and provide your business with superior email deliverability. Don’t wait, get ahead of the competition and buy business emails now to experience the future of quality lead generation!

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