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Marketing Automation – Are you serious?

The latest and greatest buzz is marketing automation.  Can marketing automation work for your business?

Having managed hundreds of marketing campaigns I can tell you that marketing automation should be part of your marketing and digital goals for the future but for now you should focus on actually generating leads from your website CONSISTENTLY.

Seriously, how can you automate something that is not proven to produce?  Or how can you automate something that has sporadic and inconsistent results? You just can’t.  You need to spend the time and put together a conversion funnel and test in measurable and manageable pieces.

How do you think great computer systems are built?  They are built by knowing what you want and testing.

Focus on understanding what your value proposition is and how are you going to put together a process in which you are nurturing the prospect in an electronic / digital experience.

You have to create something that is so compelling that prospects want to complete your form to ascertain the free trial, white paper or other powerful value proposition.  Once you have their email, then you can focus on nurturing the prospects with a series of drip emails that they receive.

As you grow out your conversion funnel and understand the drip emails that are working well you will have prospects replying to your emails and you are building a pipeline.

Your conversion funnel and subsequent email messaging will nurture the prospects.  You didn’t even know it but you are generating leads and an experience where prospects are getting to know you.

Later on you can tie in lead scoring and enhancements to the conversion funnel / model and work upon experience in measurable and manageable pieces.

Your conversion funnel and nurturing process is really a well thought out series of questions and answers using various digital marketing techniques that are all in line with your overall strategy and value proposition.

Learn to generate leads for your business, and then automate it.


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