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Your most important employee, your website.

A fundamental key to any business in this day and age is their website. It is in many instances the first time anyone will interact with your business, your website is your online storefront, and just like a physical storefront, how it looks will have large impact on customers. But a website is also the first “employee” your customer interacts with, think about it, someone goes to your website to learn about your business, to seek information, to browse, and then your website speaks back, ideally with whatever the customer was looking for. And just like any employee, the website needs to be “dressed” well, and not waste the customers time or annoy them. This is why devoting time to the design of your website is so important, so let’s rundown some tips to make your website the perfect storefront and employee to get you those sales leads.

  1. Keep it simple. This in itself is simple, don’t go overboard with anything fancy, graphics and images are fine, but too much can cause load problems for you site. Any user who has to wait an excessive amount of time loading one page to another is very likely to get annoyed and leave. You don’t want to frustrate the user with pointless things.
  2. Make it look professional. Now even though you want to keep it simple, you don’t want it to look cheap or amateurish, as if it was made for a school project. This means using the appropriate sized font and colors, make sure everything is easy on the eyes, and isn’t difficult to read.
  3. Don’t use obtrusive pop ups or ads. Nothing is more annoying than constantly being interrupted by things you have no interest in, and then trying to figure out how to close the popup to get back to doing what you originally were doing on the website. It would be like if you were in a store an employee just kept asking you things while you were trying to browse and shop, you can imagine how annoying that would be. Also it is very important to “vet” any third party advertisements you may have, as many of them can cause slowdowns for users, and in some cases even give viruses.
  4. Learn what attracts people’s attentions. When designing your site figure out what people are more likely to click on and make those things bigger! So if you have a check out button, don’t make it small, make it stand out. This can be done by making it bigger, or using a color that brings attention to it.

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