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Garnering traffic to your website, the ins and outs.

In the last blog post we went over how to nurture leads, but what about getting the leads in the first place? What is the optimal way to attract customers, and get your name out there? For the purposes of this post we will mainly be focusing on what you can do through the internet to garner traffic to your website and therefore business.

Even though there are other avenues open, such as through television, radio, and newspapers, the internet has become the most popular and efficient way out of all of them. This is because advertising and marketing through the internet is relatively cheap compared to the others, you can share information at speeds unfathomable as well as update that information in a moment’s notice. ┬áThis will allow you to alter your strategy very quickly if you find out your current strategy is lacking, something that would be much more difficult to do with the other avenues. Of course, because of the power of the internet, many people have become inundated with information and advertisements now, information overload. This may make any attempt to attract them futile, as your name could be drowned out in a sea of a million others. To counter this, you either need to be unique or have a certain charm that draws people to you over everyone else.

Regardless of that there are still some fundamental things that must be done. To truly benefit from any advertising and to take advantage of the unique properties of the internet, you need to gather data and analytics on your efforts. How well are your adverts working? Is there a specific time, or demographic for which they work best? Where are you getting incoming traffic? These are all things you need to track if you want to continually update your strategies and to not have them become stagnant. A very useful tool for this is “Google Analytics.” It will allow you to see where visitors to your site are coming from among a myriad of other things. Another useful tool for this is our very own Mega Tracker tool. This tool exclusively targets businesses, and will help with all your business leads needs. It allows you to see what businesses have visited your site, pages viewed, what keywords led them to your site, and email addresses of business executives, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Another very important thing to do, and this may sound obvious, but it’s often forgotten, is to just stay active on the internet. This means having Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, and etc accounts, and remaining active on them. This allows your name to grow as well as allows places for referrals to your website. This also coincides with a very underused strategy, called customer referral programs. This essentially is a program where customers you have get certain “rewards” for referring other people to your business. These rewards are up to you, and are dependent upon your business, but an example would be let’s say you sell clothes, customers that refer others could get a free t-shirt. Now the word free is what probably turns off many businesses from using this strategy, but in the long run the new customers should offset whatever is being given away.

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