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Email Lead List Cleaning Process

At MegaLeads we offer a wide variety of email lead lists and email sales leads to our customers. We are constantly asked how we clean our data to ensure accuracy and deliver ability once a subscription is activated and a list is downloaded. This is not a secret that we wish to keep to ourselves so we would like to disclose some of our data hygiene procedures. As an email service provider we are constantly mailing lists from our database and checking to see which ones fail to deliver. As soon as an email address fails or receives a hard bounce we remove it from our database so that the sales leads our customers get will not have the same issues. We are constantly gaining new data and adding it to our database to ensure that our data is fresh and that we cover the largest audience possible. During new data integration we scan to see if our contacts have an outdated email address, and if they do we append the new information to the contact so that they will become live in our system again. Sales lead management is a strenuous process, but we have refined our cleaning process to ensure accuracy and value.

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