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What do I look for in email advertisements?

We have been discussing various ways for a business to improve their marketing strategies, from getting traffic to your website to nurturing leads. For this post I would like to examine email marketing in particular, but in a bit of a different way. Instead of looking at statistics, and research data, let’s just look at our own habits. This is something that may be forgotten very often, but a lot can be learned by just looking at ourselves. How do you peruse your inbox, what emails do you open, how often are you enticed to click, or buy due to the emails. Try this strategy out and see what you find, is how you are creating your emails in line with your own habits, or do they conflict?

Now I found out some interesting things in regards to my own habits. Personally I look through both the main inbox as well as my spam folder when it comes to emails, in other words whether I see the email isn’t really affected by whether it is in spam or not. The only issue here is that my spam folder deletes messages after a certain time while my main inbox doesn’t. So this most certainly can affect whether I see a message from my inbox or not, though of course emails that are old can lose their value anyway, such as out of date promo codes, or limited time discounts and such. So how much of an impact that makes will depend on the type of email.

In regards to what emails I open, it’s usually emails from companies or businesses I expect to possibly buy something from. This is often businesses I know of, or businesses I have bought something from in the past. In other words, brand name is important, I open emails from names I know. Now more specifically, I glance over most emails if they seem to not be from someone I know, be it a person or business, though sometimes they are opened. Now whether I open emails depends on certain factors, obviously a big factor is my mood, or what I’m interested in at that moment. This will vary and isn’t really something an email marketer can’t really know, they might be able to look at buying habits, but not the “in the present mood” of every person for everyday.

So my mood is important, do I want clothes, do I want games, food? This will affect what type of emails I’m opening more often. Even if, let’s just say, I’m not particularly looking for clothes I will sometimes open emails that appear to be for clothes, this happens usually if it seems like a particular special deal is available where I can save a lot of money, so even if I don’t really need clothes now, I most likely will in the future and if I can save a lot now, it would be better to just buy them now. Now this will depend on the product as different products have different “expiration dates.” For instance clothes usually don’t go bad unless you wear them often, or your size changes.

Another thing that is important is curiosity, even if I don’t care to buy anything some emails still catch my eye, in the sense that they make me go “what is this all about?” This happened recently in regards to an email whose subject line was  along the lines of “Warning: Graphic Content Ahead.” Now this was for a website that sold clothes, so I kind of expected it to be something related to graphics on clothing, but none the less the email stood out and I just had to see what was going on with it. Sure enough it was just about different graphics they had on their t-shirts.

Now of course everyone is different, so it definitely is important to look at a wider spectrum of people. But that doesn’t mean nothing can be learned by just looking at one’s own habits, you may be able to learn new strategies for your own email marketing.

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