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Don’t miss these opportunities to grow leads.

If you are starting to feel as if you have been running dry on new leads coming in, it may be a sign that you need to invest in new avenues of lead generation. Here are some ways you can kick start your business.

Webinars – Hosting a webinar, or online seminar, for your customers and clients is a great way to educate and show them what your business is about and your knowledge of the field. You can use these as opportunities to explain any new technology, programs, and products you may have come up with. Getting into a schedule is also a good idea, even if it’s just one day of each month, consistency is key to growing a following, and an educated customer will be more likely to make a purchase.

Youtube – This avenue will vary depending on your target market as younger people spend a larger percentage of time on Youtube compared to other age groups, so if the content you produce isn’t really something that appeals to younger people the effectiveness may vary. Still, a lot of leads, contacts, and exposure can come from it. Now, there are two ways you can approach Youtube, you can of course make videos for your channel, these can consist of detailing your business and products, perhaps giving tutorials for software that might be complex. The other approach is to advertise on Youtube; look into getting your ads onto Youtube, there are a couple of different style of ads so find what works best for you. You can even target your ads based on age, gender, and location if you are willing to spend a bit more.

Networking Events/Trade Shows –In a world where a lot is done digitally and it is therefore very easy to be drowned out if you solely focus on digital communication, trade shows are a great place to physically interact with customers as well as other businesses. It is also an opportunity to put a face and personality to your business, instead of just being text on a screen. It can help your business appear more relatable and human. With this also comes the building of your network, you will start to get more and more contacts and relationships, as has always been said, it’s not what you know but who you know. Having strong relations with other businesses will help solidify your place in the market. You can exchange technology, products, refer customers to each other and all this will help produce trust in your own business.

As with all things trial and error is needed to really see what will work best for your target market, time and budget.

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