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Creating New Markets

When I was younger I never really saw the value of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I always thought that the ideas and innovation came from the large enterprise companies. I’ve learned that this is true some of the time, but most of the time it is the entrepreneur that will fight through to develop products and services that create new markets.

Most large companies are not good with product development, they get stuck within their own politics, scope creep and poor planning. They can execute some customer requirements but miss the boat on innovation, global strategy and rapid application development.

The entrepreneur will lock-in on a vision and put the pieces of the puzzle together on a fraction of the budget. Creating a disturbance and bringing new ideas together with superior marketing will bring our future into a specialized, electronic, database-driven environment. Business products and services will be integrated and layered together while creating new markets. New markets and innovation breed  wealth.

Check our our introduction video to our series “Make Marketing Work”.

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– MegaLeads Founder Jimmy Alamia

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