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Getting the most out of your conversion funnel: Lead Nurturing

Attracting customers to your site and engaging them in your business is key to creating a strong loyal customer base. Once you build up your customer base you will begin to have a steady income as well as a means to grow that income even more. But first things first is making sure when someone visits your website they feel informed and intrigued. They should know what you are selling and be compelled to make a purchase right then and there or to learn more. A good way to ensure this is to make the information on your home page clear, concise, and simple, as well as make clear any lines of communication for the visitor if they would like to get into contact with your business. It is also important to have a signup form for them to fill out that offers them something, this could be something free from your business, or a whitepaper, really anything you think will interest them. In our case for example, we offer free business leads with a test drive of our service when you fill out our form, this allows people to conduct 5 free searches with our service.

Now once visitors get in contact with you whether that be by email or phone. A quick follow up is important, if you don’t reach back in time, it is likely they will move on to someone else. Depending on the reason for the contact, will alter what you say, but somethings to keep in my mind when relevant is to ask where they heard of you. This will help you learn some information about them as well as learn about where you should focus your attention when advertising. Many times you will also be in a situation where you have to deliver your pitch, this is where you need to sell your business. What you need to do is focus on your “value,” and inform them why you have the best value on the market. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “price.” You need to let them know what makes your business unique, as well as how you take care of your business and customers.

After all this you need to continue to engage them in your business with follow up emails and phone calls, this is where they turn into loyal customers and not just a quick sale. There are a couple of ways to do this, one effective way is marketing automation. Which is the use of specific software to automate certain repetitive marketing procedures. This is vital in the current age where you have so many leads whom need to be nurtured.


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