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Building quality email address lists: don’t bounce out of relevancy

When building up your email address lists it is important to be aware of any bounces that happen when you initiate email campaigns. A bounce happens when the email you sent is rejected by the recipient’s server. Low bounce rates are a sign of a healthy list, while high bounce rates are a sign that something is wrong and your list needs maintenance. Normally, bounces are defined in two types, hard and soft.

A hard bounce usually indicates a “permanent” problem, such as the email address or domain name doesn’t exist or is invalid. A soft bounce is a “temporary” problem, such as their inbox is full or their server is down. An email that hard bounces should be removed from your lists, while if it soft bounces you should monitor it to see if it ever goes through, and if not it should eventually be removed too. This is an important part in maintaining good list hygiene, as bounces can damage your sender reputation and will make it difficult to have a high delivery rate. Usually when an email bounces the sender will be sent a message back detailing what happened, this can be helpful in identifying the problem. If you are seeing a lot of bounces from a particular domain it is possible that your emails have been blocked by the receiver’s ISP server and when this happens it will be very difficult to deliver a successful email campaign. The ISP does this when it notices a lot of bounces and assumes you are a spammer.

There are a couple of strategies for reducing the amount of bounces that you can try. When someone subscribes to your list, such as from a sign up form, it is good to put a required verify email field alongside a normal email field, which means they would have to input their email twice. This can reduce chances of any misspellings. Also you can send a confirmation email to them with a link which they have to click in order for their subscription to be confirmed. You can also send test emails to various email providers, such as AOL, Gmail, Yahoo etc., and check if you notice any of them being bounced. This can indicate that those providers may have blocked you.

Knowing all this, we here at Megaleads are always looking into and developing new ways to clean email address lists and increase deliverability. We are testing a new turn-key technology that does just that, and recent research shows around an 85% deliverability rate. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to one of our sales agents and they’d be happy to answer any questions about it.

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