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Automating the Future.

When looking to nurture your leads, to get messages or info to them, one of the most efficient strategies is marketing automation, specifically the drip email/autoresponder aspect of it. Once you start getting an abundance of leads you may not have the resources to manually tailor and send messages to each and every one of them. This is when the power of computers and machines come in. They are able to 24/7, monitor and do tasks that would be crazy for any human.

Drip email marketing amounts to sending automated emails to your leads after a specified amount of time or after specific actions they take. This works quite well in tandem with lead scoring, as was talked about in our previous blog post. Now you can make this as complex as you like, but to start off, let’s say someone fills out a form on your website, from their you can set up emails that will go out to them after a specified time, so after 3 days email “B” goes out, then after 7 days email “C” goes out. These emails should be designed to push them through your conversion funnel.

Now that example is drip marketing in its simplest form, but there are much more creative things you can do. If your website has a shopping cart feature and someone has put items into it but haven’t completed the purchase, you can send an email telling them that they still have items in their cart in an attempt to lead them into a sale. This perhaps will spark a few ideas you can implement that will fit your particular business. Every way in which a lead interacts with your business is a potential opportunity for drip marketing. Which is why if you have set up any lead scoring, you can have the drip emails tailored to the leads engagement level, and will also help to determine the necessary tone of the emails.

The tailoring of the emails is important as you don’t want to annoy your leads. This can happen if you are sending them too many messages or even just messages they deem to have no interest in. Whether they clicked on a link or video about a specific subject will give insight into their interests, drip emails should be created based upon actions like that. If someone asks for a whitepaper, whether they open to read it or not is a condition to determine if any further emails should be sent. Try to implement automation tactics in your email marketing and see how it can improve your efficiency.

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