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10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Work

Looking for effective b2b lead generation strategies? Then don’t miss this article. Here you’ll discover 10 B2B lead generation strategies that really work.

Want to improve your b2b lead generation in the new year? Here’s something you might not know: hiring more sales representatives is not the answer.

In fact, 82% of decision-makers believe that sales representatives are not prepared and not useful in their dissemination of information.

Improve your prospects in 2018 with 10 B2B lead generation strategies that actually work.

1. Utilize Social Media Effectively For B2B Lead Generation

Social media has been heralded as one of the most effective marketing strategies of the 21st century. Unfortunately, it’s easy for businesses to get carried away by all the different platforms and waste valuable time.

Instead, find the platforms that your customers use to communicate and build a strong profile there. Check out our guide for the best prospecting tips for understanding your customers and leads.

2. Maximize Mobile Marketing

Another growing trend in recent years is the usage of the phone. Be sure your website is compatible with both desktop and mobile displays.

Web pages should be shortened, and ads should be nonintrusive when seen on the phone. These strategies and more will ensure that your marketing is seen and appreciated.

3. Personalized Communications

The third strategy is making sure each contact is personalized. Gone are the days of cold calling and mass emails. Did you know cold calling has less than a 1% chance of a sale?

Don’t waste your time on strategies that don’t work. Instead, reach out to people through acquaintances. Linkedin and other services are great systems that can help you accomplish this.

4. Don’t Leave SEO on the Backburner

The next step is to focus on SEO. Create compelling landing pages and fill your website content with the keywords you want to rank for. Both of these strategies will help your business perform better in web searches.

The higher you rank on a search the better perception people have on your brand. In fact, a study found that people tend to remember and trust businesses more that have a higher search engine ranking.

5. Incorporate a Live Chat Feature

Once people find your website you’re not done, however. A great feature you can use to improve leads and turn them into customers is a live chat.

Without a live chat, customers will spend a limited amount of time searching for an answer before navigating away from your site.

The longer you can keep these potential customers on your site the better. Not only does it improve your SEO ranking but it also increases the likelihood that the viewer will become a customer.

A live chat is a great way to entertain visitors on your website. As you provide answers to their questions, you will become an expert in their mind.

However, it’s important to note that if you leave your potential leads on the chat without answering their questions or responding to their queries, they will become disenfranchised with your brand.

In the cases where you do not have a representative available, set up an autoresponder, or turn the live chat off. This will help maintain the goodwill for your brand without acquiring negative sentiments.

6. Join Existing Conversations

The next B2B lead generation strategy you should follow is joining existing conversations.

Look for groups on Facebook or Linkedin that regularly have discussions about B2B strategies. However, don’t think of these groups as a place to constantly send sales pitches.

Instead, use these groups to form relationships with others and position yourself as an expert. When people have questions they’ll trust you to answer honestly, and you’ll be able to suggest your services

7. Attend Offline Events

Another strategy is to attend offline events. Nothing beats face-to-face communication.

Attend conferences, conventions, and tradeshows. In order to maximize your attendance at these events, talk with as many people as possible. Collect their information and connect with them online.

This will allow you to continue the sales pitch with them well beyond the timeline of the event.

8. Create Compelling Content

Another great strategy to improve your lead generation is by consistently creating compelling content.

The benefits of this strategy are diverse. First, the content drives new traffic to your website. This especially is important for SEO purposes.

Another benefit to compelling content is that it can be added to your social media accounts to add credibility and professionalism to your brand.

A great example of this is an infographic. A well-crafted infographic is easily shareable and has the potential to reach a large group of people.

Whether its an infographic, video, photo, or GIF. Each branded content you add to your marketing strategy can create value for months on end. Learn how creative content marketing took over the world.

9. Encourage Customer Referrals

Another option to improve your B2B lead generation is through customer referrals. The first step to increasing customer referrals is to create happy clients.

When they are happy with your service the referrals should flow easily. You can make the process easier by offering a referral tool to your website or even an incentive for every referral they give.

10. Increase Online Reviews

If you are still struggling to increase your leads, focus on increasing online reviews of your business.

People are still much more likely to purchase your product or service if they can see that other people have worked with you and enjoyed it.

Some effective ways to increase online reviews is by creating an incentive for your sales representatives and your customers. You could offer a discount or a gift card to your clients if they leave a review.

Another option is to give your sales representatives a bonus or reward every time one of their customers leaves a good online review. This will help keep the focus on pleasing your customers while improving your online brand at the same time.

Find the Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies

The strategies behind B2B lead generation change every year. Make sure you and your team are ahead of the game with solutions that work.

Contact Megaleads for all of your sales marketing needs. Have a question? Leave a comment below! We can’t wait to answer it for you!


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