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About Us


Jimmy Alamia

Graduated Pace University with a B.S. in mathematics and soon after began his career as a Wall Street business analyst where he managed technology, which then sparked his interest and flare for Internet and email marketing. In 2005, Jim (Jimmy) stepped away from Wall Street and has been managing his own full service Internet marketing firm, Route 72 Systems, which has been building custom websites, online reservation systems, managing and aggregating databases, performing internet marketing, and perfecting turn-key digital services for over a decade. Jim decided the 13 years of proven data and expertise could be taken to Megaleads. After years of research and development of the new business sales leads system, Jim realized that Megaleads is nothing less than a breakthrough in the sales arena because it empowers the sales people by giving them everything they need right at their fingertips. More than anything else, he wanted to create a business sales leads system that is not only user-friendly, but fit the economic climate as well, which is exactly why Jim created a subscription package at a low price point to ensure businesses gain leads in the most cost effective manner possible. Jim continues to be highly involved with the further development of Megaleads and its day to day operations and looks forward to sharing over 20 years of systems engineering, sales experience and knowledge to his staff and customers as well.

Jim's corporate experience as a business analyst for financial institutions such as Citibank, Pershing, NASDAQ Stock Market, American Stock Exchange, Bear Stearns and Bank of America set the foundation of experience needed to become an entrepreneur in todays global hi-tech market place.


Business Development

Charles Tedesco


His love for technology started in his early childhood when he began modifying video gaming systems and building computers at the age of 13. While studying business at NJIT, he stumbled upon the Megaleads office number and decided to give them a call. Although he had no idea he was speaking directly to the Founder of the company, Charles was able to snag some face time with Jim Alamia, who was delighted with Charles’ down to earth nature and his passion for digital development. Charles felt right at home in the Megaleads business environment and is now highly involved with the graphic design for Megaleads and is able to take care of various customer requirements, even if they are outside of the box. Charles is thankful to have been part of building Megaleads from the ground up and hopes to use everything he has learned to give the best customer service while helping to enhance the overall technical products and services the company has to offer.


Customer Service / Quality Assurance

Chris Stacy


After studying math at Centenary College as a walk on athlete, he began working at a pizza place to pay his way. The pizza place happened to be right across the street to the Megaleads office. Soon enough, Chris called on Jim for advice on how to market and perfect a website he was creating. Jim was extremely receptive to Chris’ needs and decided to take Chris under his wing and show him the ins and outs of the Internet marketplace, web development, and the business sales arena. He soon became Jim’s go to guy for social media marketing, updating websites, corporate video marketing, and email campaigning. Needless to say, Chris was blown away by the fact that the actual Founder took the time to educate his staff directly and give them the tools they needed to help their clients break into the digital arena with Megaleads. His belief in his leader and his knowledgeable staff pushed him into taking the research and development of Megaleads to the next level and even became involved with the testing of the business leads system from its humble beginnings. Chris believes Megaleads has an incredible value in the sales arena and is confident that it is the perfect tool to empower sales professionals all across the country.



Creative / Video Production

Melanie Hinkle


As an experienced actress with appearances on Law and Order and the feature The Winning Season, she took her passion for the arts and dove right into the social media-marketing department at Megaleads. Jim knew right away that her experience directing and editing video content would make her a perfect addition to the Megaleads team. She soon developed the video demo tutorials on the company website, which became a crucial tool for many first time users of the business sales leads system. Mel also played a major part in the creation and management of the Megaleads Facebook page and creating Twitter content for many businesses seeking social media marketing. Mel has always had a soft spot for small businesses and knows that Megaleads can be a great tool to help them break into the digital media bubble. Mel is currently heading up a viral web series for Megaleads as well as her very own web series “Unrelated,” both of which is set to premiere later this year.



Content / Public Relations – Mike Fresta

While studying at Montclair University, Mike once lived above one of Jim’s first office spaces. After moving out of the old office, Jim was on the hunt for a public relations writer and was surprised to see that one of the most promising applicants was actually his old neighbor. Ever since, Mike has teamed up with Jim and Route 72 Systems writing press releases, blog entries, informative articles, copy for professional business websites, and editing white papers for countless clients in the business sales arena. When he’s not spreading the word with Route 72 and Megaleads, Mike writes and performs plays of all lengths. He was the recipient of the Certificate Of Excellence by the KCACTF for his full-length play, Dis Connect, which was produced by Montclair State University during Mike’s graduating year. He recently appeared in the horror film, Danger Zone, and his plays “Switch 96” and “Red All Over” recently debuted in Times Square with rave reviews. His short play “6 Fingers” is also set to premiere in New York this June. With close to a hundred publications under his belt, Mike looks forward to taking his expertise to Megaleads because he believes there is an unmatched value in the sales leads system because it is easy to use and its database of business emails is the largest and cleanest on the market.

By Jimmy Alamia: